The Youth is on Fire Issue 3: an intro

It’s quite alarming how recent events have divided us into two opposing sides. Whether it’s supporting a politician or making a stand against a social issue, there seems to be no grey area. We often forget that we are living the same circumstances, and will eventually face the same consequences if we let people of power abuse their position. There is a need for a constant reminder that we are all just existing in the same space — a speck, some might say — in the universe. Our odds of winning against these conflicts might increase if we combine forces. After all, more heads are always better than one.

For this month’s TYIOF, the theme is One. It’s about finding common ground, collaboration, unity, and being an individual in the sea of regular people. It could also be about going back to basics or the number itself. As always, our theme is open for interpretation and we’re thrilled to see your voice and vision translate to a work of art — may it be an illustration, a photo, an essay, or maybe even a song.

To be part of the next issue, submit your work to by February 15 for a chance to be part of the next issue. Make sure to follow the guidelines below before sending anything in. Good luck!


  • In the subject field of the submission email, indicate what type of work you are sending (e.g. TYIOF submission – Essay). In the body of the email, please include a short description of the submission.
  • For written submissions, attach either a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document with your piece. Label it with your last name and the title of the piece (e.g. Santos_On starting over.docx).
  • For photos and art, label each individual file with your last name and the title of the photo or artwork (e.g. Santos_Blank Space.png).

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