The Youth is on Fire Issue 2: last call for entries

For this month’s issue of The Youth is on Fire, we’re taking inspiration from a blank slate, or in Taylor Swift terms, a Blank Space. Just like T Swift’s creative prowess, you can interpret the theme however you want. You can take inspiration from the music video (please don’t) or from the countless opportunities of a blank space. Blank Space, just like the zine, represents your opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art out of nothing. You have the freedom to transform a blank page into something significant. It might be scary, but be confident in your work. After all, we all started from a blank slate (that is if you believe Locke’s theory) and look at where you are now.

Here are some things we found around the internet that you can use as a guide for your next piece of artwork. Reminder: deadline for entries is today. For submission guidelines, please click here.


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