Make Etude House’s Chiffon lipstick your weapon of choice

As the stress of adulting finally takes it toll on our youthful faces, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever be as graceful as the girl bosses of our dreams. You know: kinda like the ones we see walking down the street at eight in the morning looking confident in their crisp white tops, all dolled up and ready to take on the world. But as I continue (read: struggle) in my journey into legit adulthood, I found out that no one is immune to the hassle of it all. (Building a successful career and maintaining an exciting personal life is an art all its own, after all.) But I’ve also learned that behind every girl boss lie three secrets to starting your day right: a nice cup (or two) of strong coffee, a bold lippie, and a trusty pair of shades.

While we can always get good coffee from most corners of Metro Manila, Korean beauty brand Etude House made our lives even easier with the Dear My Blooming Sweet Box. Don’t be fooled by the cute packaging. Each box comes with two Etude House Chiffon lipstick shades and a pair of glasses from Optical W that can all shake us out of even the heaviest slumps — or at least out of the house. Etude’s Chiffon lipstick combines both cream and matte formula, leaving a thin and light texture but a long-lasting vivid color of your choice. While it will take some time before we actually become the girl bosses of our dreams, this Sweet Box from Etude House is the perfect starter kit. It’s light enough to keep us fresh all day but strong enough to make a confident impression that will get us through the day. Because you know what they say: ya gotta fake it til ya make it. — Tin Sartorio

The Etude House Chiffon lipstick is available at all Etude House branches nationwide.


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