Upgrade your baon game with these fresh produce delivery options

Pink rice is cute, but when you always get hotdog — or any other processed food, really — and rice as your baon to school, it gets unexciting. Your lunchbox only gets an occasional upgrade when there’s leftover ulam from last night’s dinner.

Recently, people are on some sort of a health kick (must be the new year) and they want to consume fresher, organic produce. With school starting, getting your own groceries might be a hassle, so we rounded up a list of farms that will do the job for you. Now, you can focus on creating a meal that’s not only healthy but will also get your classmates drooling over how good your baon looks. Just like the song Closer and fake news, it’s time to leave processed foods in 2016.

Where to order: Holy Carabao: Holistic Farms

What to order: Asian veggie box

Holy Carabao: Holistic Farms’ Asian veggie box is a great starter pack for those who wish to incorporate veggies on their menus but don’t exactly know how to begin. It has a selection of vegetables commonly used for Asian dishes including bell peppers, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, and the like. The vegetables in it are easier to pair with your usual viands at home.

Where to order: Down to Earth farms
What to order: Pickled heirloom vegetables

Pickled heirloom veggies don’t just make good food enhancers but they make for good snacks as well. Instead of just munching on the usual chocolate biscuits over recess, snacking on pickled veggies will be a better alternative. It makes for a good habit to do if you want to start a healthier lifestyle. Soon you won’t be grabbing your prized potato chips while binge-watching the next season of Stranger Things.

Where to order: The Green Grocer
What to order: The complete farmer’s basket

The Green Grocer’s complete farmer’s basket includes fresh veggies, poultry and meat. It’s a convenient way to prepare a meal considering you have most of the ingredients you’ll need. This can challenge your cooking skills too, and will make you think of different recipes that would work best with the ingredients in the basket as if you’re starring in your own MasterChef episode.

Header photo via Holy Carabao Holistic Farm


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