UDD welcomes 2017 with a new feels-inducing song “Sigurado”

If there’s one band in the Philippines that can encapsulate everyone’s hugot through a song, it has to be Up Dharma Down (UDD). Last New Year’s Eve, vocalist Armi Millare announced in a Facebook post that the band will no longer be called Up Dharma Down. Instead, they’re going to go as UDD starting this January. To accompany the announcement, they premiered a new song called Sigurado on Spotify as the clock struck 12.

Just like their previous LSS-inducing classics like Oo and Tadhana, their new single is (again) filled with everything you’ve always wanted to say to your crush. “Huwag mo nang pigilan ang sinisigaw ng puso mo,” sings Armi in the chorus, with her smooth voice serenading your thoughts. “Hindi ka bibitawan kahit ano pa man ang sabihin mo.” Two words: intense feelings.

Sigurado stays in the same realm as the UDD that we know in terms of sound. The music will get your feet moving with the electronic and chill beats the same vibe that made us fall in love with their previous album “Capacities.” It’s the type of song that you’ll be playing on a sleepover with your friends while thinking about how you’ll make your next move on your crush (because liking all their tweets and selfies won’t cut it).

It’s a sweet song about being sure of what you’re feeling towards the person you like, regardless of how uncertain your situation may be. Singing “Ako’y iyong iyo,” at the start of the new year never felt so good.

Listen to Sigurado below:

Header photo via UDD’s Official Facebook page


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