What we think will happen in Stranger Things Season 2

Just when we thought Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime show was enough to transform everyone into little monsters, Stranger Things debuted a new teaser for season two.

It opened with a 1980s Eggo commercial before *gasp* the TV glitched (that seems to be a trend now) and transitioned to a living, breathing Eleven. Afterwards we see  intriguing snippets from the show: Dustin in a Ghostbusters costume, more bikes, more running, and a huge demogorgon. Although the new trailer only ran for 40 seconds, it showed us enough to assume one thing: the Upside Down is coming.

As fans of this Netflix Original series, we’re going to predict what’s going to happen to the little town of Hawkins, Indiana once season two rolls in just in time for Halloween.

Will Byers will become part-monster in the Upside Down.

Okay seriously, think about it. We last see him vomiting some type of strange, slimy organism from the Upside Down like it’s completely normal. Well, it’s not and he knows it. Although this may just be a hallucination or another sign of trauma, that doesn’t entirely rid of the fact that this too can be a sign of him being part-monster. All we can do now is wait.

Dr. Brenner’s relationship with Eleven will finally be explained.

When Eleven called Brenner “Papa” during the first few episodes, it messed with our heads in so many ways. First off, if he was Eleven’s father, why would he be hurting his own child? Second, does this mean that he also possesses some type of power? There wasn’t much said about Dr. Brenner except that he’s a horrible being that seems to “harvest” psychic children. (Which leads us to the next prediction…)

There will be more psychic children.

We know Eleven is cool and all but, what if she’s not the only one? What if there’s about 10 of them and they are all scattered to stop portals from opening in different parts of the world? Think about it: if Eleven is named after the number then there should be 10 more like her. But…where are they?

The demogorgons will combine and turn into one super monster.

You can tell by the demogorgon’s look that they’re flexible, so merging them into one super monster (Voltes V, anyone?) can easily be done. There was a huge spider-like creature hinted in the trailer and we think that this might be the ultimate demogorgon. The boss level, if you will. Mike and the crew will need more than salted water, an inflatable pool, and mounds of chocolate pudding to beat this one.

More portals will be opened.

Newton’s third law it states that: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” And that doesn’t just apply to physics. Since Joyce, Jonathan, Hopper, Nancy, Eleven, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin all came together to save Will from the Upside Down, they disrupted the natural flow of things in the other world. Disrupting such a world means having to undergo its consequences –– which may or may not include opening more portals. Now, the bad guys have more reason to attack the little town now.

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