Eight young Art Fair Philippines artists to watch out for

Nice Buenaventura, 31

“Nice Buenaventura planned to do medicine but ended up in design. She is currently interested in data visualization, with a tendency for mapping. She downloaded this mobile app that acts like a seismograph and as an experiment, she made her son hold the phone to measure the vibration of his gestures. She translated the resulting graph into gradients — the bigger the wave on the graph, the darker the band is on the paper. Emotions and gestures turned into soft data then represented on paper.” — Rico Quimbo, collector

Migue Inumerable, 28

“Miguel Inumerable took up computer science and ended up doing art. For Miguel, his process is more meditative; reflecting on the time and effort it takes to do things, putting things into order. Laborious graphite works that often look sculptural. He is fascinated with software and its translation into two-dimensional imagery in video and paper works.” —Rico Quimbo, collector

Tin Garcia, 39

“Tin Garcia has been regularly exhibiting as a solo artist and participating in group shows since 2009. She works primarily with mixed media on canvas, but also creates installation art and assemblages. Tin is an original in BDSM-oriented art. Her vivid tableaux revolve around bondage and fetish, death, and women’s issues. In her work, religious iconography, humor and domesticity twist together to create these striking forms.” —Lena Cobangbang, artist/curator

Pin Calacal, 27

“Pin Calacal is the first summa cum laude graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, Diliman. She’s known to do beautiful pencil and ink metamorphic images on paper.” —Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, artist/professor’

Kitty Kaburo, 28

“Kitty Kaburo won Best Thesis in UP College of Fine Arts, Diliman. She’s known to create quiet and unpredictable works. Kitty’s dedicated and committed to her art.” —Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, artist/professor

Isabel Santos, 24

“The youngest of Soler Santos’ children, Isabel Santos’ art is an interesting mix of drawing, collage and pop, allowing her to flex creative muscles very differently from her siblings.” — Isa Lorenzo, gallerist

Issay Rodriguez, 24

“Issay Rodriguez is a UP Fine Arts graduated who was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award and Gawad Tanglaw in 2013. She was also an exchange student at the Ecole Nationale Superiure des Beaux-Arts. Issay became Gary Ross Pastrana’s assistant and eventually got to exhibit in Silverlens this past January.” — Isa Lorenzo, gallerist

Hamilton Sulit, 25

“Hamilton Sulit graduated Fine Arts from Far Eastern University and exhibited last September at Blanc. He is an exciting artist, a good observer, and always looking for other possibilities in art making.” — Arturo Sanchez, artist

Photographed by Ralph Mendoza
Produced by Jonty Cruz
Assisted by Maine Manalansan and Tin Sartorio

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