TheSunManager’s full-length album is definitely ‘Worth’ the wait

It was during a Sofar Sounds gig when I first heard TheSunManager play live.  Singer-songwriter April Hernandez was sitting on a tiny stool — guitar in hand — and singing the words to In Darkness. “Hope for the change, the promise of goodbye. It’s in darkness that light shines bright,” she sings. After having a long and crappy day, it’s refreshing and inspiring to hear someone sing about hope and accepting our weaknesses.

Photo by Jeremy Caisip

Three years after releasing her EP “TheSunManager,” this Wanderband 2017 finalist is back with her first full-length album. The former only has five tracks — In Darkness included — while “Worth” has eight. You know what they say; the longer the album, the more feels. We can only expect the same warm, and fuzzy effect on us. April says that she wanted to release an album around 2015, but she wanted to further develop the songs she wrote before releasing it. “I accepted that this can’t be rushed. I can’t compromise the quality of the songs and the production just to be able to release something early; something to keep the momentum,” she shares. And tbh, it’s definitely worth the wait. Co-produced by Nick Lazaro, “Worth” is perfect for those times when you need that extra push to keep on keeping on.

April’s music may be “simple,” but her soft guitar and soothing voice reel you into the lyrics. “I find a balance between technicality and simplicity. I don’t like using overtly big words because sometimes it really isn’t needed. The album — in terms of writing — can be like a sort of extension of In Darkness; how you view yourself, you in the world, and life in general,” she says.

“Worth” is perfect for morning strolls, and bullet journal sessions. But we think it’s best to listen to when you’re at a crossroads. If you’re looking for that extra push, let TheSunManager lead you to the light.

Grab a copy of “Worth” at TheSunManager’s gigs.



HEADER PHOTO by Patty General


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