The seven minute workout game you need to try

Art by Daniela Go

When it comes to working out, there are usually three problems: a) it’s too hard; b) there’s no variety; and c) it’s really, really  hard. The first and last dilemma will be solved over time and after hundreds of push-ups, but the second is a bit trickier. We live in a time when breaking a sweat doesn’t necessarily mean borrowed workout DVDs (we love you, Jane Fonda) or outdoor gyms. YouTube has a lot of free workout videos that you can choose from, and there are apps that can help finding a good workout a breeze. But even those can easily get exhausting.

If you’re at that point when you’ve watched every Blogilates video or done Hip Hop Abs five times, you just got to leave it up to luck. That way, it’s more exciting than unexpected. Here’s an easy seven-minute workout generator that can keep your fitness game strong. All you need is a pair of dice and a buddy to do it with. The game is played Monopoly Style, so every time you roll the dice, you have to do the action that you land on for 40 seconds then take 20 seconds to rest. Now, you don’t have an excuse to skip “leg day.”

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