If experience is the best teacher, then actor Paulo Avelino has been its most devoted student.

by Jam Pascual

A case on the next frontier in manufactured romance.

by Marga Buenaventura

Change starts from within (and from the people you follow).

by Coco Maceren

“I realized I would do everything in my power to make her believe in herself.”

by BP Valenzuela

This month, Privato Hotel has got something for everyone.

by Isabelle Toledo

All the single mommies, put your hands up

by Coco Maceren

Behind every man is a woman, so they say, and that woman is the best friend a guy can ask for.

by Neal Corpus

No one to shower with gifts on the day of hearts? Well, why not shower yourself?

by Neal Corpus

Screw S.A.D. and appreciate your solitude.

by Maine Manalansan

It’s more than just grouping a bunch of flowers.

by Coco Maceren

What happens when you lose the person who pinky promised to be by your side forever?

by Maine Manalansan

Who would’ve known you could see (and feel) so much?

by Coco Maceren

On a scale of ‘1’ to ‘Chito Miranda,’ how publicly do you express your affection online?

by Ina Jacobe

“I kept it because it reminds me good things don’t have to last forever and that’s okay.”

by Ina Jacobe

Love moves in more ways than one.

by Maine Manalansan

The star of Vince & Kath & James is well on his way to becoming one of the country’s biggest stars.

by Gaby Gloria

We’ve long frowned upon body hair – signs of being unkept, unfeminine, or dirty – but it’s time to ditch the ruthless razor of outdated societal standards.

by Carina Santos

While ‘Love’ isn’t armed with too many new, groundbreaking insights into the misguided ways in which some people search for intimacy, it does shed some light on the idea that, as women, it is our right to be, for lack of a better word, ‘difficult.’

IS THIS IT? by Sam Potenciano

Can ‘Kathniel’ get any bigger? After the blockbuster success of ‘Crazy Beautiful You’, we’re playing fantasy football with everyone’s favorite love team and drafting ideas for their next vehicles. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are on the cusp of something that only comes once a movie-going generation. They’re the love team of the era in

by Raymond Ang

Manila is predicted to become unlivable in the next four years. Is the best course of action ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you later’?

TOFF OF THE WORLD by Toff De Venecia

We ultimately have to pick sides in the battle between our ‘for nows’ and our ‘forevers.’

by Sam Lee

From Uber drivers to terror professors, here are eight unlikely people who deserve Valentine’s cards.

by Gaby Gloria

I tried to learn about love when I was younger. I spent my afternoons watching movies, looking for the answer, and when I couldn’t find it there, I turned to books to learn about what love is. I guess that’s the reason why I like to give girls I like copies of my favorite books: dog-eared paperbacks with highlights all over them. It’s my way of saying: This is where I learned how to break your heart.

Sometimes I wonder if I fall in love with a girl or if I fall in love with the books she’s read. I recently met a girl who named her cat Huxley. I asked her if that’s how much she loved Brave New World and she told me that the book was her favorite. I made her a deal: I told her I would read Brave New World if she read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. For the record, the Hunger Games isn’t my favorite book series, but I like using it as a barometer of how much a girl likes me. If she can sit through 1,200 pages of bad writing and still appreciate how awesome the ending is then I guess we have a chance.

I’d rather read in bed than do it. There’s nothing like getting under the covers, opening our books and getting lost in them. It’s like traveling through time together and coming back to now to find that she’s still right there beside you (except there are no wormholes involved and you’re both still the same age when you get back). I tell her about the exploits of a young Katniss Everdeen who had to participate in this thing called the Hunger Games while she tells me about John and the utopian world state. She knows that I just spent the last two hours reading junk while she was reading a literary great but she still finds me cute anyway. In his book called Manhood for Amateurs, Michael Chabon wrote: “I have never found anything more reliably sexy in a woman than a passion for 1) reading difficult novels and 2) me.”

The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me is to read The Fountainhead in 24 hours after finding out that it was my favorite book just so we could talk about it. When that relationship ended and when I found out that she was dating someone else, I got really mad. I wasn’t mad because she was with someone else, I got mad because she chose someone who hadn’t even read Nabokov when we fell in love through the words of Fitzgerald, Kerouac, Waugh and Dickens.

This is what I learned about love when I was younger: romance in the movies is simple but love in books is more complicated. Love in books doesn’t unfold in the first 45 minutes and end 45 minutes later with a happily ever after. Love in books isn’t portrayed through slow-motion sequences with Aerosmith playing in the background; sometimes it’s a simple as two people listening to the rain together. The words “I love you” can be written in many different ways using a number of paragraphs and they don’t always mean what they’re supposed to.

I like to give girls I like copies of my favorite books. It’s my way of saying: “I’m a book you have to read — a bargain bin find that’s a mixture of Twilight with a hint of John Green, but I swear there’s some Hemingway in me, too.”

by Samantha Lee

When it comes to Philippine entertainment, three things are essential: noon time shows, awkward celebrity interviews and love pairings. And one in particular holds more emotional space in the heart of the fans.

Filipinos have always been obsessed by onscreen romances, whether they are legitimately in love or not. Just look at your ate’s collection of Marvin-Jolina and John Lloyd-Bea notebooks back in high school. The youth’s obsession with AlDub doesn’t need reiterating; they practically hold the record of being a trending topic for a whole month straight. Like many others, these love teams also fascinated me and one in particular rivaled Larry Stylinson in my shipping heart.

It was in the television hit Princess and I when the ship KathNiel was first created. Kathryn Bernardo took on the role of Mikay and the viewers fell in love with her adorable and quirky personality –– or character, at least. In the primetime soap, she was introduced with three leading men: Enrique Gil (Prince Jao), Khalil Ramos (Kiko) and Daniel Padilla (Gino). Out of the three, only the KathNiel ship sailed. Their effortless chemistry was one thing but it was really the fans that pushed the ship further.

They took their TV romance to the big screen with their first major movie together Must Be… Love. It tells the story of two best friends falling in love, which is practically a sure way to get box office success (because teenagers combined with unrequited love is explosive by nature.) The movie was quickly followed by another romcom TV show Got to Believe. By this time, we started seeing them in their most comfortable. And it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Kathryn was still the quirky, adorable girl who can do no wrong while Daniel, being a Padilla that he is, was still pegged as the bad boy who needed a little loving. Just like other KathNiel fans, I didn’t mind it. I was still smitten by their pairing and I wanted to see more of their innocent, kilig moments.

The sentiments and #feels of teenagers are changing and the characters need to change with them. KathNiel should realize this quickly before the ship sink completely.

Daniel, unlike Kathryn, also worked on other projects outside the pairing. In Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina at mga Anak (also known as the Padilla family project) and Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo, we see Daniel play more roles that are more heroic than romantic. After watching the movie, I remember my friend telling me that KathNiel was no more, that JasNiel (Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Daniel Padilla) was the new thing. As disappointed as I was, what she said definitely got me thinking: Was there a reason why Daniel wanted a few projects without Kathryn? Is the ship about to sink?

And then Crazy Beautiful You happened. Daniel played the role of a humble guy who wanted to help change people’s lives while Kathryn played the role of a self-centered, spoiled brat. It was refreshing to see their roles reversed. However, it was quickly overshadowed by their current TV drama Pangako Sa’yo.

I guess the problem lies in the projects they accept. I like to call it The Michael Cera Syndrome. Like many other teenagers who are worried about their aesthetic, KathNiel –– or at least their respective management –– only accept the roles that are more or less “on-brand.” Their choice of roles might have caused a portion of their fan base to grow bored with their choice of projects. Their rival JaDine — at least in the eyes of their fans — are less scared to step out of the typical soap opera drama path.

In the TV series On the Wings of Love (OTWOL), we see Nadine Lustre and James Reid play the role of two young adults who just want to make ends meet. No one’s a bad boy and no one’s a good girl. They’re not afraid to show their flaws, to make a fool out of themselves and most importantly, to kiss onscreen. Blame it on the honest storytelling or on the power of Jadaone, but there’s a reason why JaDine’s ship is expanding and going strong. And by the looks of it, they’re not about to stop.

The sentiments and #feels of teenagers are changing and the characters need to change with them. KathNiel should realize this quickly before the ship sink completely. It was as if they were pressured to stay perfect; that is if being perfect means staying true to the roles they are known for.

At the end of the day, us KathNiel fans want to see our ship at the top of the pack. And to do that, they need to step up their game or do something completely different. For one, a real onscreen kiss wouldn’t hurt. We’ve been waiting for it ever since the ship first sailed into the world.

by Maine Manalansan

With the sea of young adult novels lining local book shelves lately, sometimes it’s hard to find one with a story that doesn’t make you think, “Haven’t I read this before?” After reading book after book with the same awkward girl falling in love with a brooding mysterious guy (encapsulated by the @broodingYAhero twitter account),

by Gaby Gloria

This season is all about skin, skin, skin, and not in a creepy Buffalo Bill skin dress kind of way. Yes, people, it is that time of the year again where the heat is definitely on. Summer in a tropical country gets more interesting. When the season hits here, it makes one feel that the

by Rogin Losa

Dear Quitter, If you still haven’t shaken off that nagging lack of accomplishment in your life since the morning after graduating university, then… just breathe. Breathe because where you and half the world stand right now is a completely normal state of mind. “Normal? How dare she call my situation ‘normal’ when everyone and their


One night, at Route 196 for a gig, I felt like asking the audience about the time they first fell in love and how old they were. I was a little alarmed to find out one of them was so sure she fell in love at 14, but who am I to question that? I