Five reminders: How to survive ‘Finding Dory’ madness

Just keep swimming: Finding Dory, the much-awaited sequel to the Pixar classic Finding Nemo, finally hits cinemas this week.

After 13 years, everyone’s favorite aquatic trio — Marlin, Nemo and Dory — is back for the much-anticipated sequel to their underwater adventure Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory swims its way into our theaters (and into our hearts) this week but here are five tips to help us get through the entire 95-minute film (besides going to the restroom beforehand, of course).

1. Know the creators.

It’s helpful to know that Andrew Stanton, writer/director of both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, also worked on other Disney Pixar blockbusters like Wall-E and all three Toy Story films. If there’s a clear sign that you should prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before watching a cartoon, it’s his name in the opening credits. (We recommend having a pack of tissue handy, too.)

2. Don’t spoil yourself.

Do yourself a favor and keep your expectations at a manageable level. While you can rewatch the trailers and teaser clips over and over again — or worse, read the many film reviews now available online — nothing is more exciting than being in the dark along with the characters as the story unfolds. Spoilers are hard to avoid, especially when it’s literally right in front of your face, but it’s nothing that a little disciplined effort to scroll away (or spend time offline) can’t fix.

3.  Rewatch Finding Nemo.

It’s good to refresh our memories about what happened in the first movie before watching the sequel — especially if the latter comes out 13 years later. But Finding Dory actually still makes perfect sense without remembering a lot of the details from Finding Nemo. Still, no one is stopping you: rewatching Finding Nemo can’t hurt.

4. Don’t compare.

While the basic plot of Finding Dory seems basically similar to Finding Nemo — an aquatic adventure in search of one’s home — the sequel approaches this new quest in a very unique manner. Let’s just say there’s a reason the title is Finding Dory and not Finding Nemo 2.

5. Don’t get clingy.

It’s no surprise that a new set of characters will join Dory, Marlin and Nemo in their new adventure. Everybody’s favorite sea turtles Crush (Hey, dude!) and Squirt will still be there; but the addition of Hank the “septopus,” Bailey the beluga whale, and a pair of sea lions make for a fun underwater party. Oh, and you will not want to miss the arrival of Becky (with her not-so-good hair) as well.

Finding Dory is out in cinemas now.


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