Mister Potato’s newest snack serves up guilt-free sweet potato goodness in a can

We’re all familiar with that feeling of being bored and hungry at the same time. It’s not always a good thing, because one, nothing good ever comes from sitting around doing nothing, and two, most snacks that beat boredom are just plain unhealthy — or at least the ones that are healthy are either hard to find or a tad too expensive.

Mister Potato plans to change all that. Last Nov. 11, the snacking brand from Malaysia officially landed in the Philippines, and launched their new snack in a purplelicious bonanza at the TriNoma Activity Center. Called the Purple Sweet Potato Crisps, the chips are made of 100 percent natural sweet potatoes, and are free of any artificial ingredients. They’re also trans-fat and gluten-free, so health buffs can rejoice and give in to temptation.

But how do they taste, you ask? They’re a mix of sweet and a little bit salty, with a flavor profile that’s not too strong on anything. They’re a little bit like those sweet corn snacks we’re all fond of, which is to say that it reminds you of childhood — but way healthier, of course. If there ever was a deceiving snack, Mister Potato masks the vegetable aspect in a simply sinful package that’s purely addictive.

The chip has landed: Mister Potato executives flew in all the way from Indonesia for the launch.

If you’re the type of person who reads the nutrition facts sidebar, you’re in for a treat. Sweet potatoes are considered to be a super food, and the crisps are packed with fiber and vitamin A. It gets better — you won’t have to spend a lot to get munching on these. They’re only P75 for a hefty tube, which is good for when you get addicted to them — trust me, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself hoarding these from the supermarket.

If you find yourself bored and hankering for something to munch on, save yourself from the sodium overload and grab a tube of sweet potato crisps instead. It’s refreshing in both taste and color and best of all, you don’t have to feel guilty about finishing it all by yourself.

Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps are available in all leading supermarkets. Find Mister Potato on Instagram at @misterpotatophilippines.


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