A dude gets his brows threaded for the first time and discovers a whole new world

As a guy in his early 20s, the concept of beauty and grooming is pretty alien to me. Which is ironic, considering that I graduated with a fashion degree and have been working in an industry with close ties to beauty and that places an emphasis on presentation and looks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a slob. I can clean up pretty well, but pomade and facial wash is probably the closest I’ve been to actual grooming. When the girls around me — there are a lot — start talk ing about makeup and beauty services, I just can’t keep up. I will admit that I’ve tried tweezing the middle of my brows just to keep myself from growing a uni-brow, but let’s just say I caused myself more pain than pleasure from seeing two separate brows maintained.

Which is why, when we decided to do this pseudo-beauty issue, I was assigned the lovely task of getting my eyebrows threaded and writing about it. Well, here we are. I was hesitant, to say the least — my sister got her brows threaded once, and she told me she teared up from the pain. It was more painful than tweezing, I was told. My brows were twitching in terror.

And then the dreaded day came. My appointment was set. I hauled myself and my overgrown brows to the newly opened Browhaus branch in Power Plant. I was welcomed by Chah Querido, senior marketing executive of Browhaus, who told me more about the services available at the salon.

Apparently, a lot of guys actually get their brows threaded, so this gave me a slight sliver of comfort knowing that a few good men came to get their brows groomed before me. I also discovered a service they offer called Brow Resurrection, in which they plant a hair-like fiber on your brows that bring back the definition to the frames of your face. Sounds even more painful, but from the looks of it, it’s better than having scattered and disappearing brows that definitely don’t make for a good look.

Art by Jao San Pedro

After a short pep talk in my head, I headed to the spacious cubicle with the nice lady who was to thread my brows. The comfy bed almost made me forget the pain I was about to go through, but then the thread presented itself and there I was twitching in anticipation. And then the first strand was plucked. It actually wasn’t that bad, and the succeeding ones didn’t bother me at all. It was a nice surprise not feeling any intense pain, just a sensation that was almost therapeutic, to be honest. But then the lady told me that that was only the top part — plucking the hairs on my eyelids would sting a bit more, apparently. I braced myself all over again, and while it was a bit more painful, it was surprisingly not as bad as I had expected. By a long shot.

With the anticipation of the pain over, I found the experience pretty calming and closed my eyes and let the thread do its thing. The technician assured me that no over-plucking would happen, and by the time I was handed the mirror to check out my newly groomed brows, I was pretty satisfied. No worries in putting my trust in her hands — Browhaus sure knows their stuff. By the end of the appointment, I was beaming with my new brows. Now I understood why people take the time to get groomed — it’s not about putting yourself through whatever pain you can stand, but the confidence that comes afterwards. And the on-fleek brows, of course.

Browhaus is located in the basement of Power Plant Mall. Find them online at www.browhaus-manila.com.


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