Songs to get you in the mood for some lovin’

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, just ask this question: do you have a sex  playlist? You’re sure to get everyone talking with that one. For some, the idea of having one is unusual, while others have about five — depending on the mood they’re going for.

A sexy playlist need not be the music you’re playing while doing the deed. It could also just be the songs that you feel your sexiest listening to. Maybe you play it when you’re alone in your bedroom with a scented candle lit, or perhaps you play it after a (serious) Netflix and chill session with your S.O. There’s always some music that’ll get you in the mood for some lovin’. We asked some of our faves which songs were on their list and created a playlist that’ll you can hopefully get it on to. *wink*

Tokwa Penaflorida (Illustrator/Painter): Is it a Crime? by Sade

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Sade again lately. I find this song really sexy. Then there’s also bands like Rhye, Tame Impala, Wet, Perfume Genius, Sevdaliza, and Alabama Shakes. Also, I really like Rihanna’s Love on the Brain. I’m really into lyrics when listening to music so when it gets too sappy or when it doesn’t feel like it suits the moment I can always press next. It’s so hard to answer questions like these because it’s always moment dependent.”

Arisse de Santos (blogger/Benchsetter): Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix) by Alina Baraz

“The piano gives such a sexy tune to it, plus Alina Baraz’s vocals fit everything about the song. Super sexy.”

JP Habac (Director): Stuck in a moment – U2

“Because… ‘stuck’ (laughs)”

Iggy San Pablo (Rusty Machines, vocalist/guitarist): The Fall by Rhye

“‘Make love to me one more time before you go away,’ the first line, already sets the tone for this whole song. It’s about yearning for and desperately desiring to feel that physical connection once again with that person. Then later on in the song comes frustration since all good things are ephemeral. But my most favorite stanza is, ‘My love come home to me just for a while. I’ll leave this piece in you,’ it’s because it shows how significant the act of making love is. It is a way of giving yourself to the person you love and leaving a part of you in him or her. It’s basically saying ‘I love you’ while making love. Why give yourself to someone who doesn’t love you, eh?”

Ram Alonzo (Aries, Logiclub artist): Blue Veins by The Raconteurs

“Everything in this song is just flowing. It makes me melt.”

Kara Ortiga (Writer): All We Got by Chance the Rapper

“I love this. It really sets the mood for good vibes. Simple Things by Miguel. It’s smooth, and Miguel has a sultry voice. The song is about a man who just wants to hang with this one girl — super sexy. Open by Rhye is dreamy. Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) by Lorde is my favorite song but in like techno reincarnation; and Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) by Tinashe because Ryan Hemsworth is sexxx.”

Rob Cham (Artist/Illustrator): Lemme Freak by Lil Dicky

“I feel that this song is the song to play before sex. It puts you in the mood to think about all the consequences of what you are about to do.”

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