Disney’s ‘Dream Big, Princess’ campaign introduces us to figure skating royalty

Figure skater Sofia Guidote may be only 14 years old, but she’s way ahead of most of us when it comes to getting things done. This girl knows better than taking the easy way out, which is why in between school, homework and her family, she spends an enormous amount of time each day dedicated to her craft. The work has certainly paid off: since she began at age five, Sofia has picked up more than 15 medals, including being named the National Champion of the Advanced Novice division at the Philippine National Figure Skating Championships in 2014. Accomplishing that was no piece of cake, for sure, but she manages to do it all with grace, on and off the rink.

It’s no surprise, then, that Sofia is one of the talented young women chosen to represent Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign, a worldwide effort to encourage girls all over Southeast Asia to pursue their passions with the best qualities of any Disney Princess. It’s now in its third year, and this time around Sofia has been chosen to represent the Philippines for her perseverance and determination in the world of figure skating. Sofia is particularly inspired by Disney Princess Rapunzel from Tangled, which she talked about in her television feature on the Disney Channel.

The series on Sofia also includes stories on other real-life princesses in Southeast Asia. There’s also YouTube singer Jannine Weigel (Ploychompoo) from Thailand, water ski champion Aaliyah Hanifah from Malaysia, and Indonesia Junior MasterChef winner Syifa Hasan (Afaf) from Indonesia.

Talking about her days off from skating, her favorite pop songs, and the Disney prince she admires most, Young STAR got to hang out with Sofia and found out that true royalty sometimes come with skating blades. Better start taking notes.

YOUNG STAR: Hey, Sofia. What do you like doing when you’re not figure skating?

SOFIA GUIDOTE: Um, I like listening to lots of music and drawing. And just dancing. (Laughs)

That’s cool. So what do you like listening to?

I listen to a lot of pop music, like the top charts.

Have you done skating routines to certain songs, and what’s your favorite song to skate to?

Uh, yeah, I have. Like Let It Go by Demi Lovato, I’ve skated to that.

I know that Rapunzel is your favorite Disney princess. Besides her, do you like any other princess?

I like all of them, actually. All of them inspire me.

What about a Disney prince? Is there a Disney prince that you admire?


Not necessarily someone you have a crush on! But if you were to be a Disney prince, who would it be?

I don’t know their names. The one in Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip, because he was really determined to save her.

That’s true, he slayed a dragon. I know you’re very disciplined and determined most of the time, but what do you and your friends like to do to chill out?

We play puzzles, board games, and do a lot of active stuff. I get bored just using my phone and sitting around!

So when do you feel most like a princess?

I guess it’s when I compete, because of my dress. It’s really nice, and I’m like the star for that moment. My mom designs it mostly, and I just say if I like it. I’ll tell her my favorite color, and she just works with that!


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