Six things that should stay in 2016

As your News Feed has probably reminded you time and time again, 2016 has been a bad year. The great thing about bad days — or in this case, a bad year — is that they eventually end. We can dust ourselves off and start fresh. With the new year just a day away, it’s time to part ways with the year that has passed.

Here are six things 2016 can keep and perhaps bury six feet under with it.

Closer by The Chainsmokers

Unless you are living under a rock (but hey, maybe they managed to play it there, too) you’ve probably heard this song more than once on your daily commute. We have heard multiple versions of this song already. And no, not just the T-Max remix. There are strange versions such as piano renditions, a capellas and even an Alvin and the Chipmunks version. This song may have been the anthem of many in 2016 but we think it’s time to shove it in the backseat of your rover.

Objectifying women, fat shaming and catcalling

We’ve seen our fair share of locker room talk on our feeds this year — some in the form of group chat screenshots of unsuspecting college boys, and others by important figures “just being them” like the newly-elected US president Donald Trump. 

2016 has been a pretty regressive year but that’s not an excuse for this behavior. There is still no room for fat shaming, catcalling, and objectification of women. Leave it in 2016, guys. As the queen Ariana Grande said, “We are not objects or prizes. We are queens.

Hating on the artisanal movement

People sometimes get comments such as “pa-hipster” or “pa-indie” when sharing a photo of their new favorite coffee place or restaurant. These commenters often think that it’s all about the branding or riding on some trend. 

There’s a reason why artisanal places are labeled as that. The entrepreneurs behind these establishments consider food as an art, which is probably why they tend to be meticulous towards it. A lot of these shops are actually fighting for better food and service, and continuously setting a standard in the food industry. So let’s drop the hate, fam.

Unnecessary challenges 

Okay, some viral online challenges are downright stupid but they are also kind of fun. It might just be because we watched so much Jackass in the past that we now have decided to star in our own little episode. The Whisper Challenge and the Photobooth Challenge are some of our funny favorites. But there are challenges that are downright harmful and wasteful like the 100 layers of shirts challenge and 100 layers of makeup challenge. We’ve gone a long way from the condom through the nose challenge, but we need to find more constructive things to do when we’re bored.

LGBTQ tolerance disguised as acceptance

The LGBTQ community has gone through a lot in the past years. Thankfully, modern society has been more accepting of the community. Although for many, once they start getting into the actual conversation about gay marriage and LGBTQ rights, they start spewing bible verses and, in extreme cases, hateful statements. Let’s be real; if you can’t allow them to have the same rights you do, or treat them as equals, you aren’t really accepting them. Maybe you’re just saying it to save face. We need to let love win in 2017.

Fake news

The great thing about the internet is that everything is instant. But just like anything in the world, it has its downsides as well. While the internet can quickly help us find helpful articles and videos, it can also be used by others to seed propaganda. People have gotten too lazy to read the articles in full and just proceed on hitting the share button even without reading the source.

The thing about fake news is that it spreads like wildfire because it tends to be more interesting as these kinds of stories are sensationalized and blown out of proportion. People instantly take it to be the truth because it caters to their personal interests. Let’s do everyone a favor and be more vigilant when it comes to weeding out the bull.

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