Six films to ring in the Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year just a few weeks away, Shangri-La Plaza has gone full on festive with the Spring Film Festival. Happening on Jan. 23-29 at the Shang Cineplex, its lineup ranges from melodramas to action comedies. Everyone is sure to find their own cup of (oolong) tea. The best part is that admission is completely free.

Wolf Totem (2015)
Jean-Jacques Annaud

Headlining the event is China’s 2015 foreign-language Oscar entry Wolf Totem. Based on the bestselling novel by Lu Jiamin, it tells the story of a young Beijing Student who adopts a wolf cub in attempt to save it from death. Interesting tidbit: they actually used real wolves to shoot the scenes. But this isn’t your regular Twilight series. If you’re into period films with lots of action, you should definitely line up for this.

A Complicated Story (2013)
Kiwi Chow

For those seeking to satisfy their telenovela craving, check out  the drama A Complicated Story. It revolves around a Hong Kong student that takes on the offer to become a surrogate mother to earn money. The deal doesn’t push through smoothly, since the contract ends up getting terminated. In the end, she decides to keep the child, which leads to the biological father seeking her out. The title definitely does it justice. What comes next? That’s for you to find out.

Book of Love (2016)
Xue Xiaolu

Now, it’s not all about heavy narratives. Book of Love is here to bring some Chinese romcoms to the spotlight. It’s all about finding love in the most unexpected of places.Think of The Lake House minus the different timelines of both protagonists and instead of a Lake House, their connection starts because they stumble upon the book 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.

Everybody’s Fine (2016)
Zhang Meng

The title Everybody’s Fine might sound familiar since there was an American version made in 2009 by Kirk Jones which was based off a 1990s Italian film by Giuseppe Tornatore. This story centers on a story of a family from the perspective of recently widowed Guan Zhiguo. He anticipates the annual summer visit of his four children, but much to his dismay, they cancel on him last minute. This prompts him to go out and look for them instead. Unlike the other two versions that were dramas, this one is a family comedy sure to warm the heart.

Horseplay (2014)
Lee Chi-ngai

Action and comedy mashed into one. Horseplay follows an entertainment journalist tracking down a notorious art thief called the Nine-Tailed Fox. She gets stuck in a sticky situation when the Fox asks her for help to recover the “Tang Dynasty Pottery Horse” and at the same time, a detective asks for her assistance to catch the Fox she is also going to help. It’s a complicated story take two.

Red Amnesia (2014)
Wang Xiaoshuai

This is a movie that might tug a couple of strings for those that have a soft spot for the elderly. In Red Amnesia, an elderly woman stays determined to be useful despite aging. Her routine starts to change once she receives anonymous calls. The moral of the story is that the past will always come back to haunt you.

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