Simoy ng Haraya bottles up scents and literature

Art by Ina Jacobe

Smelling good is always a major plus when it comes to falling for a lover. Nothing beats running home to someone who smells like they know how to take care of themselves. Sometimes, their perfume bring back certain memories, like your first kiss or first dance.

Local perfumery Simoy ng Haraya captures every sweet moment through scents. Their products are conceptualized and blended by Lala Flores and are bottled in a special container with a tanaga by poet Angelo V. Suarez. Tanagas are traditional Filipino four-line poems, and in Simoy ng Haraya, tanagas represent a certain scent.

Spritz it up: Fall back into love with Lambing (P350)

They have nine scents to choose from: Alaala, Sulyap, Tiwala, Unang Halik, Dalisay, Yakap, Kilig, Lambing, and Umaga. From the first time you utter the words “I love you” to that comforting hug after a long day, the names represent the moments you spend with your lover.

Alaala (memory) is crafted with an olive fruity fragrance while Tiwala (trust) is translated into a fruity, floral fragrance. Lambing (affection), a customer favorite, is brought to life by a concoction that mixes lilies, bulrush, tea rose, cinnamon leaves mixed with Tanaka wood, musk, and cedar.

Everybody nose: Keep your home smelling fresh with Trono (P130) and Hibla (P150)

Simoy ng Haraya’s line of scents go beyond perfumes. They also have fragrances that you may use for your house in their Pambahay line. From linen sprays to reed diffusers, they name their fragrances after where it is best used.

Simoy ng Haraya sticks true to their word of creating a rustic space of tranquillity wherever you may be. And surprisingly, with their line of perfumes, they make you realize how great it feels to be (and stay) in love.

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