Show ’em you care with this DIY bouquet

Photos by Ina Jacobe

Last year, succulents were all the rage. No morning browse on Instagram is ever complete without seeing one. But this Valentine’s day, let’s bring back the art of flowers. And no, we’re not talking about floral crowns.

No one ever forgets the first time they are handed a bouquet. It could’ve been during your high school graduation or from your crush last Valentine’s day. These moments could easily feel like your Miss Universe crowning moment, except your crown came in a form of a bouquet.

If you’re looking to express your feelings to anyone this love month, we’ve made it easier for you. Young STAR visited our Te Amo Floristeria, a luxury flower shop in BGC, to get the lowdown on how to create the perfect bouquet. We know it’s no love letter template, but hey, actions speak louder than words right?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cutting shears

Ribbons (optional)
Style-up vase (optional)
Selection of flowers (big, small, and fillers)
Wire (alambre)

Step one: Pick your flowers

Line all your chosen flowers to see how you can group them.
Try and press the bud to make sure that it’s hard.

Choosing the flowers is hard. There are so many things to consider like how fresh they are, if they’ve bloomed properly, and what color combination to use. It’d be best if you already have a theme in mind — pastels, monochromatic, rustic, etc. But you could also just wing it. When picking flowers make sure that the buds are hard, and the petals and leaves are spotless. You wouldn’t want to give a wilting bouquet to your boo.

Step two: Remove the leaves at the stem of the flowers

Be sure to remove all the leaves.

Don’t think that you’re stripping the flower naked once you start removing the leaves at the stem. It actually needs to be done to maintain the flower’s life. When you keep the leaves on the stem and it starts to wilt, it will affect the other flowers as well.

Step three: Choose your focal point

For this particular bouquet, the sunflower is the focal point.

When you look at a flower bouquet, there should be one flower that stands out. That’s your focal point, and the whole arrangement of the flowers must revolve around that one point. It may either be the biggest one, or the one that bloomed best.

Step four: Shape your bouquet

After you’ve chosen your focal point, you can begin shaping the bouquet. Since bouquets are typically round and eventually placed in a vase, you will need to keep the shape of it at all times

You can practice with the wire first if you don’t want to ruin your flowers.
Continuously gather the flowers to fill your bouquet.
Add in more fillers from behind as you go.
Make sure that your flowers have different leveling.
Tie it in so that it’ll be easier for you to hold the flowers

To do so, you’ll need to hold your focal point using your left hand, and adding flowers diagonally from behind. It should look like a cross. Make sure that the shape of the bouquet is somewhat round, and that you level the flowers accordingly. Some flower buds can be positioned higher than the others to make the bouquet look fuller.

Step five (optional): Measure your bouquet

Don’t forget to measure your bouquet first before putting it in the vase.

Measure the length of the stem of your bouquet and make sure that it’s proportionate to the vase. It shouldn’t sit too high or too low; it must rest on the vase’s lip.

Step 6: Surprise ‘em

Coming up: one special bouquet just for you.

Wrap your bouquet in craft paper or put it in a vase and tie it up with a ribbon. Nothing says you care more than your hard work come to life.

P.S. You can totally gift this to yourself too.

Special thanks to Mark and Andie of Te Amo Floristeria for giving us a crash course on Style-up Vase design. Te Amo is located at the G/F Active Fun Building, 28th Avenue cor. 9th Avenue, Taguig BGC. You may call them at (02)-886-6888 for inquiries on orders and workshops on flower arrangement.


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