Shake it off at the Human and Chill Shopping Party

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a lot on your mind too. Final exams are fast approaching and our Christmas shopping lists are just about to get longer. Let’s not forget about the mayhem that is Philippine politics and the government’s war against drugs, among other things. How about Manila traffic? That #Brangelina divorce is quite a lot to process too. But while we can always partly blame Mercury retrograde for this series of unfortunate events, getting over our anxieties is always up to us. (#stateofmind)

When you feel like you’re spinning in chaos, you can always take simple steps to take control of your life ASAP. Revive that forgotten group chat and plan something fun with your gal pals. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded with people who give you nothing but good vibes. Sing or dance to your current LSS. It’s a quick and easy way to release tension and the best part is that it won’t cost you a dime. Get crafty and finally do that DIY project you’ve always dreamed of. Forget that no-carb diet. Give in to that food craving you’ve been trying to ignore for weeks and let that extra donut finally do you some good. But when all else fails, there’s not enough stress in the world that a little retail therapy can’t fix.

Lucky for you, our amazing friends from Human are always here to help. In partnership with Young STAR, enjoy an afternoon of de-stressing at the Human and Chill Shopping Party happening on Sept. 24 at the Human branch in Glorietta 4. Going to the party won’t even be a problem thanks to the Human promo with Uber. Meet and hang with your favorite influencers and chill out to nostalgic beats by DJ Arthur Tan. Get cozy over some draaanks by San Miguel like flavored beer and snack on some treats from Oishi, J. Co Donuts and The Little Whisk. You can even have a collage made by artist Pau Tiu. Party it up at the dressing room as you try on items from Human’s latest collection. Did we mention everyone gets a 20 percent discount? Now, how’s that for a pick-me-upper?

Drop by anytime between 2-8PM at the Human branch in Glorietta 4 on Sept. 24. Visit and for more details.


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