Seven bork videos that celebrate the life of Gabe the dog

Remix videos of a white pomeranian dog have been circulating on social media for the past few years, and it’s clear that the Internet can’t get enough of them. The Internet-famous dog in question is named Gabe, an American Eskimo/Pomeranian mix that made his way into the meme scene (and our hearts) in 2014 when YouTube users started remixing videos of him barking to different songs. Originally classified as Youtube Poop Music Videos, these videos eventually got their own name: bork videos. Since then, the feisty little American Eskimo/Pomeranian mix has given the meme community light in the darkest of times.

Last Jan. 20, Gabe’s owners announced that he had passed away due to heart problems. The Internet collectively went into mourning, posting heartfelt messages and video tributes dedicated to the little guy.  

To remember him, we’ve made a list of some of the best bork remixes. Rest in peace, Gabe. We’ll miss you and your borks.

Imperial Borks

The Shiba Inu from the doge meme has a brief appearance in this remix of the Star Wars Imperial March. And come on  you probably already replayed this multiple times when you last saw it on your timeline.  

Welcome to the Bork Parade

Gabe’s barks make My Chemical Romance’s emo ballad a classic on its own. Gabe Way, anyone? 

All I Want for Christmas is You

And here’s one for those who still can’t get over the holidays (we forgive you for watching this all the way until Chinese New Year).

Bork Busters

Who you gonna call? Definitely Gabe.


We’re not kidding when we say that this remix actually made us kind of like the song.

Don’t Stop Me Now

Imagine Gabe with good ol’ Freddie Mercury. We’re not crying you are.

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