Why Riverdale isn’t your mama’s Archie

As a kid, you may have stolen copies of Archie comics from your lolo‘s bookshelf just for kicks, or LOLed at his antics in the comics section of the newspaper. Archie Andrews’ story has always seemed timeless. In the past couple of years, Archie Andrews has lived on through a number of reboots and a recent revamp aside from those copies you see stacked at your local Book Sale. The great thing about Archie is the simplicity of the plot that never fails to make us laugh.

This is why many of us were intrigued when the synopsis of Riverdale — the new Netflix Original series that’s based on Archie and his friends — was released last year. The CW, who produced the show, is known for raunchy teen offerings like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries (among other things), so it was no surprise that Archie suddenly underwent a dark makeover. Heavily influenced by Twin Peaks, the show is adapted more from the revamp which departs from the familiar light gag angle with a murder and a whodunit mystery that’s probably meant to intrigue viewers.

Riverdale premiered last Jan. 26, and though it may be too early on in the season to make any judgements, we’ve decided to point out a few things that show how different it is from the original.

Jughead and Archie don’t appear to be best buddies.

What is the Archie universe without this dynamic duo? The only time we see them interact with each other is towards the end when Archie asks him for advice about Betty. Other evidence is that Archie tells Veronica that Betty is his “best friend.” As a writer, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) plays the role of the gossip girl in this series. Aside from his narrating parts, most of Jughead’s scenes are just him typing into a laptop.

There were no shots of anyone eating a burger.

Veronica first meets Archie and Betty while they’re eating at Pop Tate’s, but we strangely don’t even see a burger in the entire 46 minutes. Pop Tate himself isn’t the fatherly character we know him to be either.

Archie isn’t as likeable.

Though the Archie we know and love fits into the popular guy stereotype on the surface, it’s no secret that he’s also overly nice and dorky at the same time. This Archie is waaaay different. Aside from the fact that he’s in a secret affair with Miss Grundy (yes, the same Miss Grundy from the comics except younger and hotter), he is a football player who also wants to be a “serious musician.”

Betty isn’t as strong a character.

The reason we all identified with Betty (despite her being an all-American blonde) was because she always seemed to keep it real in the comics. Despite having to struggle with all the normal teenage issues, she always managed to keep a positive outlook. This Betty is only like that on the outside—she’s got loads of insecurities. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s very OOC (Out of Character) for Betty’s character.

Veronica is nice. Like literally nice.

This Veronica isn’t the self-absorbed rich girl out to get her Archiekins. We know that they’re best friends in the comic too, but she’s way too kind to Betty right off the bat.

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