Pumped up kids

Pumped up kids

Photos by Shanne Lauron

The beginning of a new year gets us excited about a lot of things. Hustling to dominate the world is already, like, a lot, but it’s really no excuse to look all sloppy. Power dressing isn’t just about finding clothes that make us look and feel good anymore. With the number of places we have to go to and the crazy weather that we have to deal with, it’s best to trade ‘em for items that let us get things done while still lookin’ aesthetic AF. Sneakers, shirt, and a pair of cozy joggers — think your grade school P.E. uniform, but so much cooler.

Just take it from Fed Pua. Between balancing school, assisting stylist and YStyle contributing editor MJ Benitez, and running his clothing brand Factory, his days are always jam-packed. But no matter what curveball life throws at him, he always seems to keep it together. How to be like him, po? Putting on a cozy tee and a motivated mindset might be a good place to start.

Stretch ‘n’ flex: Consortium tee by Factory (P950, instagram.com/factoryforhire), Running shorts by NLPZ (P2,000, nlpz.tumblr.com)
You snooze, you lose: Lazy sweatshirt by Lazy Oaf (P7,298, Hoodwink)
Sip it good: Baseball cap by Tenement (P1,400, ourtenement.com), Rat race tee by Lazy Oaf (P4,298, Hoodwink)
Kaleidescope world: Sports Club tee by Tenement (P1,200, ourtenement.com)
Styled by NEAL P. CORPUS
Model: FED PUA

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