Belle de Jour’s planners are the perfect start to getting over last year’s mess

I’ve never really been much of a planner person. I’d watch as my friends saved up their stickers for that annual coffee chain planner (that they probably stop using two months into the new year anyway) and just sigh. My argument was: why would I bother with a planner when I had the calendar on my phone? It’s an extra thing to carry, decidedly analog and stuck in the past, and it takes more time to write things down than just typing them out on a keyboard. Little did I know, however, that I would realize that those three things I didn’t like about having a planner were actually the things that would make me want to use one.

Enter Belle de Jour’s new batch of planners for 2017. If you’re anything like me (read: super picky about things), then look no further. The classic power planner has expanded into a number of different varieties — this isn’t a one-stop shop book of dates aimed to trick you into paying way more than you should. The new set of planners, which includes four different editions, personalizes your dates based on what your goal for the next year is.

Get lost: Navi: Your life navigator (P598)
The power of possibility: The Everything is Possible planner (P598)

If you’re looking to fill your year with wanderlust, the Navi planner is just the right one for you. It’s got a bucket list, a pre-trip checklist, backyard excursions, and other travel work sheets for you to keep track of your trips for the year. The planner also has a featured surreal destination each month to feed that hunger for adventure. And if that’s not enough of a reason to up and get out there, the planner has over P25,000 worth of coupons from your favorite food and lifestyle spots. Talk about a return on investment.

On the flipside, if you want to stay put and power through your work, BDJ’s Everything Is Possible planner should get you in a productive mood. The planner helps you get going with your goals with pages for a vision board, a “no edit list,” a priority list, and more. And if you ever feel like sleeping in on days when the raindrops won’t stop and the weather keeps you under those sheets, the Everything Is Possible planner will keep you on your toes with positive messages and reinforcements so you don’t lose sight of those goals. Speaking of productivity, if your 2017 goals include being less distracted and kicking procrastination, then you should gift yourself with the Focus journal. This planner helps you tune out unnecessary elements in your life to build a more focused outlook and achieve your goals. It includes “power words” to practice each month, along with monthly check-up pages and space for you to draw out your vision and focus for the year.

Power moves: The Belle de Jour Power Planner (P598 for the smyth, spiral, and limited edition; P680 for the leather version)
Get your head in the game: The 2017 Focus Journal (P450)

And of course, let’s not forget the queen of planners, the Belle de Jour Power Planner itself. The Power Planner comes in different variants: Smyth, Spiral, and Limited Edition. It even comes in a leather version for a premium if you’re feeling fancy. Like the other planners, it has everything you need to get your year organized: checklists, a dream board, Ikigai, and of course, little tidbits of information and wisdom. Plus, it’s got P40,000 worth of coupons inside the Perks of a Bella booklet.

The past year had a lot of ups and downs, and our plans and schedules have not been spared from all the hullaballoo going around the world. So if you’re looking to start your planner journey like me — or simply looking for next year’s journal — this is the perfect time to get one, or in the spirit of Christmas, gift it to someone special for the holidays. You never know, you might just get them their new favorite thing.

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