Step up your pen game with Online

As kids, we had a certain passion for colorful gel pens and scented pens; we would pile up quite a number in our double-decker pencil cases. As we grow older, we become lazier. We realize that one pen is enough to get us through the semester. After all, Facebook groups are made for a reason (hint: sharing notes and probably quiz answers). We drop the pencil case all together and some of us even carry only one pen to class for quizzes and tests.

If your uniform has a breast pocket, chances are you’ve lost your fair share of pens after running to get to your next class. Maybe the reason why you lose your pens is because you don’t love them enough. Hold the #hugot lines, but it might actually be the truth. Think about it: most of the things you really hold dear will never leave your sight — your phone, your wallet, that love letter your crush mistakenly passed to you during class. So why put your pen in a place of danger — and by danger, we mean your shirt pocket — if you love it so much? Maybe it’s not cute? Is it boring? Is it too controlling, or perhaps you can’t control it enough?

With German brand Online’s wide range of pen designs, you will always find what you’re looking for. For 25 years, they have been a trendsetter in design and style for writing materials. From calligraphy pens to rollerball pens, there are a lot of matches — probably more than your actual Tinder matches — and combinations to choose from. And, unlike Tinder, they are 100-percent cute.

The Online collection brings a little color to your boring classroom classes. For the more sophisticated professional, the Top.Line collection’s range of pens with rosewood, pearl and Swarovski pieces are worth checking out.  Online also updated their College and Campus pens for a better writing experience in class or while doing your homework. (Good news for lefties: both College and Campus pens have been designed for the comfort of left-handed users.)

 Online continues to take it up a notch after being on the market for a quarter of a century. And seriously, when will your Tinder date show that level of commitment? With Online pens’ new designs, we definitely swipe right.

 Online pens are available in all National Book Stores nationwide.


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