Eight new categories we want to see at the Academy Awards

Art by Jao San Pedro

Awards show season has always had a special place in our calendars. As exciting as the red carpet fashion and musical performances are, the awards show itself sometimes gets boring and predictable. As always, the Academy never fails to recognize Oscar-bait films like The Revenant and The Danish Girl and leave out other critically acclaimed films like Tangerine, Straight Outta Compton and It Follows. We can blame the awkward Oscar calendar or the weird rules of the Academy, but there is the reason why we see films with the same tone, theme, and team behind them get nominated.

Perhaps, the challenge here is to come up with new categories that filmmakers can compete for and for the old members of the Academy to find out what the kids are liking these days. Surely, we can’t stick to the same old categories when we finally get Oculus Rift for commercial use.

Here are eight new award categories that the Oscars could start with.


Most Likely to be Selected for “Netflix and Chill

Presented by Kevin Hart and Ice Cube

“Netflix and Chill” is a new kind of film viewing experience (and then some) brought about by a semantic drift thanks to social media. Nominated films under this category are notable for the kind of mood they induce. It usually has a fairly simple (read: predictable) plot, making it easy to follow from any point in the movie. Besides providing the right atmosphere (and an easy alibi), “Netflix and Chill” selections have a significantly good soundtrack since the visual senses are not used for most of the time anyway. — Tin Sartorio

Nominees: 50 Shades of Grey, Mad Max: Fury Road, It Follows and Magic Mike.


Best in hide and seek 

Presented by Waldo

Some of the most thrilling scenes in movie history involves a good hide and seek sequence. Just because the actors aren’t seen in plain sight, doesn’t mean their impeccable acting should be ignored. Sometimes emotions run higher when someone (like a group of intergalactic fighters or a crazy grandmother under your porch) is trying to chase and/or kill you.  — Maine Manalansan

Nominees: Daisy Ridley and John Boyega from Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens, the grandma from The Visit, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant,and Jacob Tremblay in Room.


Best Supporting Animal or Creature in a Feature Film

Presented by Cesar Millan

This award is given in honor of a creature that has delivered an outstanding performance in a supporting role. Any species is qualified upon having been on screen at any point in a feature film. The roles played by the character may vary, for as long as it moves the story forward or is part of an important sequence that directly affects the plot. The best supporting creature is often a foil and usually evokes emotional connection with the main character and, consequently, the film viewer. ––TS

Nominees: Dog (Room), Bear (The Revenant), Bing Bong (Inside Out), Anthony the ant (Ant-Man) and Blue the velociraptor (Jurassic World).


Most Meme-able Sequence

Presented by Leonardo DiCaprio

A major indicator of a film’s success is how much of a lasting impact it has made on the general public. This most covetable award is given to a particular sequence in a film that is deemed worthy of being immortalised in a meme. Usually comedic or didactic in nature, such scenes have achieved an excellence in both script and cinematography. A meme-able sequence should still be relevant even when taken out of the film’s context. —TS

Nominees: raging driving scene for when we’re on EDSA before rush hour (Mad Max: Fury Road), bear attack for when we’re getting ready for work on Mondays (The Revenant), pantry check for when we’re finding food on midnight (The Martian), and Margarita Man for when it’s happy hour (Jurassic World).


Best movie to watch with your ignorant relatives

Presented by Tavi Gevinson

In the website Rookie Magazine, there is a segment called Ask A Grown Man. This awards season, we encourage the grownups to learn a thing or two about today’s society. To the youth, it’s time to reverse the roles and educate the adults. Your ignorant relatives need to keep up with the times if they want another peaceful Sunday lunch.  — MM

Nominees: The Intern, Spotlight, Carol, The Danish Girl, and Inside Out to prove that kids have feelings too.


Best movie poster

Presented by the founder of Pinterest

Not everyone has the time to watch trailers, so the posters should be able to communicate –– even vaguely –– the mood of the movie. A good poster at least follows the basic rules of graphic design. The best movie poster, however, is unique, visually striking and doesn’t use fonts that can be found in dafont.com.  — MM

Nominees: Room for the creative application of dimensions, The Lobster for the use of negative space, While We’re Young for a refreshing take on movie posters, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens for successfully including almost all the cast members in one photo, and Honor Thy Fatherbecause we haven’t seen any local movie posters as good as this one.


Best in Stunt Coordination

Presented by Vin Diesel

Stunt performers have always fought for recognition from the Academy. Their contributions involve as much skill and dedication, if not more, as any acting performance. These men and women put their lives on the line for the sake of great cinematic storytelling and it’s about time that they get their fair share of the spotlight. The best in stunt coordination is awarded to the film that has produced the most riveting sequences that make the millions of dollars in revenue possible. ––TS

Nominees: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, 50 Shades of Grey.


Bonus: Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Patience

Presented by Kate Winslet

When it comes to making it big in Hollywood, nothing is off-limits. You have to go to different lengths to be able to get that bald, bronze statue. It doesn’t matter if you eat actual raw bison liver or play every stereotypical black character, as long as you get that perfect performance that will finally get you that Oscar. These awardees prove that nothing is impossible, as long as you have patience, determination and the Internet supporting you. –– MM

Awardees: Leonardo DiCaprio and every person of color who got snubbed in the Oscars ever.


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