Nike Training Club live is nothing like your high school gym class

Drop your phones, and head out your house because NTC live is finally in Manila.

Starting March 4, there will be two weekly sessions every Wednesday (8:30 p.m.) and Saturday (10:30 a.m.) at Kerry Sports, Shangri-la The Fort, BGC. While the app serves some pretty good at-home workouts, it’s also best experienced with a few friends, both old and new.

To those who were traumatized by high school gym classes (that includes me), fret not. NTC is nothing like that. There are no creepy gym teachers screaming at you to push harder and to run faster. There are only nice, friendly NTC trainers who will tell you to, well, push harder and run faster. The crew currently includes Lian Melegrito, Tanya Aguila, and Trish Ayson. The difference lies in the energy in the room. It’s electric, energizing, and it will definitely get you performing at your best.

Instead of classmates, you’ll get co-NTC-goers who are just as happy to be in the class as you are. After all, signing up is free. At the launch last Feb. 23, I was able to train with Iya Villania, Aubrey Miles, and Thirdy Ravena. While they don’t know me, I felt like I was their friend. Those who suffer through a workout form some sort of bond sworn over sweaty eyebrows.

At NTC live, everyone’s an athlete, and we’re all training to be better at this sport called life. (Really, they said that.) With an A+ gym, awesome trainers, inspiring classmates — or should we say, teammates — and a solid playlist (Chance the Rapper, anyone?), it’s easy to get up in the morning and live like a pro. It’s time to stop exercising, and start training.

To reserve a slot, download the Nike Training Club app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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