This new shoe collection brings your Japanese film style pegs to life

Japanese fashion has always been on everyone’s radar. Whether it be the quirky outfits of kawaii school girls to the more muted and minimal look of Muji-loving gals, Japan has been a boiling pot for anything up and coming in terms of style. So it’s no surprise that even streetwear brands are looking to it for inspiration.

Pony recently dropped a new collection for the rainy season. The Cavetta collection is inspired by those Japanese gym sneakers you’d normally see in J-Dramas you used to obsess over. They come in black, white and gray — essential and classic colors that can easily go with any item in your wardrobe or your uniform, for that matter. Made with premium canvas material, the sneakers are accented with the signature Pony Chevron logo in primary colors.

If you’re looking for further style inspiration, here are a couple of Japanese movies and dramas you can check out.

Konichiwear: Pony’s recent drop, the Cavetta collection, takes inspiration from Japanese schoolwear.

The Story of Yonosuke

We’ve never seen a more stylish Japanese film than The Story of Yonosuke. Think: Wes Anderson with a hint of Terrace House and your favorite coming-of-age film. It tells the tale of friendship, love and the struggles that everyone goes through when reaching adulthood. The styling choices cover a lot of ground, though. From cozy threads to beachwear that look like it came out of a Best Coast music video, they’ve got you covered.


Proposal Daisakusen

Proposal Daisakusen tells the story of Ken Iwase, who was given a chance to go back in time to tell his best  friend/love of his life (who’s about to get married, btw) about his true feelings. Each episode goes behind-the-scenes of the photographs in the wedding slideshow, and Ken’s lame attempts at confessing his love. If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your uniform and maybe if you’re down for a good cry, this J-Drama is for you.


The Tatami Galaxy

Based on a 2004 Novel by Tomohiko Morimi, The Tatami Galaxy is about an unnamed student who wants to live
his best college life. Long story short, it doesn’t end well on that front. What we do know is that the story poses a lot of philosophical questions about what the “best college life” entails, and that the art style that was used was hella stylish. The color palette alone can give inspiration to those who want to keep the grays away this rainy season, and the Cavetta collection will help you achieve that.


Pony’s Cavetta collection is available online via and at Complex Lifestyle Stores. Follow their Instagram @pony_ph and Facebook for updates.

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