What you need to know about Ang Bandang Shirley’s new music video

In case you missed it, Ang Bandang Shirley recently released a new music video for Alam Mo Ba? (Ang Gulo) from their 2017 release “Favorite”. Directed by JP Habac (you might know him for I’m Drunk, I Love You) and starring Elisse Joson, the video starts with a very familiar scene: a girl submitting a poster design, only to be told to change the font a teeny tiny bit a few hours before the deadline. *war flashbacks ensue*

It’s the daily mundane tasks and deadpan delivery that makes this music video all too relatable. The video’s overall design makes it look like a dream: the yellow tones, the cute outfits, the bedroom we’ve lusted over at one point while browsing Pinterest. If our lives looked like that despite our boring day-to-day and stressful clients — all while being scored by Ang Bandang Shirley’s songs — then I guess the chaos is worth it.

We spoke to direk JP over email to learn more about the music video.

Ang Bandang Shirley’s new video is relatable because of its treatment of daily mundane tasks.

Young STAR: How did the concept come about?

JP Habac: The music video was conceptualized between me and the band. Originally, the music video was supposed to have a love story. But we realized, sobrang bombarded na ang youth ngayon ng mga love stories. So we decided to tackle contemporary millennial struggles na magulo, dahil magulo naman na talaga ang mundo ngayon, while keeping to the visual style of the band’s existing videos.


What were your inspirations for this video?

The music video’s look is inspired by the films After School Knife Fight and Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy, and Placebo’s Loud Like Love music video. While the deadpan lip-synching of Elisse is based from Miranda July’s performance in Me and You and Everyone We Know.


Why Elisse Joson?

I’m working now on a feature film starring Mccoy De Leon and Elisse Joson under Star Cinema and I realized it would be interesting to feature one of them in the music video since I’ll be using another Shirley song in the film. Tulad nang ginawa ko sa I’m Drunk, I Love You.

The video for Ang Bandang Shirley’s Alam mo ba? (Ang Gulo) stars actress Elisse Joson.

Can we talk about the amazing set for a bit? Who did the design and what were your favorite parts?

Our production designer is Sam Manacsa. Since we were working on a very tight budget, naghanap na kami ng isang location na pwedeng dun na makunan lahat and from there, dun na kami nag-decide kung anong design ang babagay sa concept and sa initial design we have in mind. The color palette of the wardrobe, set, and props ang favorite ko talaga sa music video kasi pasok na pasok yung mga kulay sa mga na-i-imagine ko pag nakikinig ako ng mga kanta ng Ang Bandang Shirley.


Most people know you as a film director. How different was that experience from directing a music video?

For me, pareho lang sila kasi you’re also telling stories in music videos. But I think the experience is different kasi mas madaling “baliin” o mag-experiment sa music video.


Any Favorite (haha) or interesting stories from the set?

Elisse’s lip syncing. Minsan hindi niya nasasakto yung buka ng bibig so we had to take it multiple times.


Watch the video here:


Listen to Ang Bandang Shirley on Spotify. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, and JP Habac on Instagram.

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