More than make-believe

Photos by Arabella Paner

We’ve all had that friend we wished we had, a person to fill out all our gaps to become the perfect fit. Sometimes a person can’t fill this out, and so we imagine; conjure an imaginary friend to fill the void. It sounds like child’s play, but honestly, wouldn’t it be nice to just be a kid again? Those times when you had the world to yourself. You could spend days wandering around the garden or stay in and have tea while watching the sun crawl across the sky.

Ah, those were simpler times. No bills to pay, no deadlines to meet, no errands to run. There was no one to impress other than the friend in your head, and you didn’t have to worry about being judged. And the best part is, you didn’t have to be alone.

Trousers by NLPZ
Ruffled chiffon top by Basic Movement
Mesh ruffled bra top by MiZ+MOXiE x Proudrace
Jollibee shirt by Uniqlo
Denim culottes by Basic Movement
Beaded clutch by Rated Paola Germar
Metallic collared shirt by Yves Camigue
White tank top, model’s own
Denim strip skirt by Basic Movement
One sleeved double top by MiZ+MOXiE x Proudrace 
Slip dress by NLPZ
Jeans, stylist’s own
Styled by NEAL P. CORPUS
Produced by INA JACOBE

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