Merry Mad Libs: Jose Mari Chan Edition

In an alternate universe where Santa Claus isn’t as famous as he is, we’re pretty sure that Jose Mari Chan can (and would) replace him. He sort of became a Christmas icon after releasing Christmas in our Hearts, included on his seventh studio album, and first Christmas album with the same name. Now, 26 years after releasing the track, he’s still dominating the airwaves – and our heads – with the LSS-inducing track that can battle Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You any day.

In the spirit of fun, festivities, and Jose Mari Chan fandom, we came up with a Mad Libs version to get you through the dark and stressful times of the holidays. No matter how difficult things are right now, just remember: Jose Mari Chan will always be in our hearts.

Whenever I see (plural noun) and (plural noun)
Selling (plural noun) on the street
I remember (a childhood friend) in the (place) as he sleeps

Wherever there are people
Giving (noun), (verb that ends with an -ing) (noun)
I believe that Christmas is truly in our (body part)

Let’s light our (noun) for a bright tomorrow
Where nations are at peace,
And all are one in (proper noun)


Let’s sing (rap song) and a happy holiday
This season may we never forget the love we have for (name)
Let him be the one to (verb) us as another (adjective) year starts
And may the (noun) of Christmas be always in our hearts

In every (noun) and every (noun)
The (organization) (verb)
celebrating (event) of (celebrity)
Let love like that (noun) on that first (national holiday) morn
Lead us back to the (coffee shop) where (name) the child was born
So come let us (verb)
Come and sing the (song) with one big (adjective) voice
Proclaim the name of the (name)

(Repeat chorus x2)

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