Satchmi Megamall expands for an even better listening experience

There are few local stores that can evoke visceral memories, but Satchmi is one of them. Mood lighting, good coffee and, of course, records lining every wall — these are just some of the images that come to mind when you think of this lifestyle store. These days, you can dream of even more things from Satchmi, because with their expanded store comes a food menu that’ll fulfill anyone in every way.

Among its vinyl records and famous Motorinos, Satchmi also offers a food menu of sandwiches and hearty soups. Designed by chef Him Uy de Baron and chef JJ Yulo, the gastronomic treats include the Satchmi BLT, the classic Reuben sandwich, and even a cheesesteak soup that’ll suit the rainy season. For lighter fare, yummy bruschetta like the Satchmi caprese and desserts like the mango-topped panna cotta are perfect for an afternoon with coffee and a good book. Time to tuck in and chill the eff out.

Satchmi is located at 4th floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.


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