Quiz: How long will you survive a Duterte presidency?

There probably hasn’t been a day when Rodrigo Duterte didn’t pop up on our newsfeeds. From the whirlwind story of him filing his candidacy (#Duterteserye, anyone?) to the endless quotes from his speeches, Duterte is arguably the most talked-about presidential candidate online. He has stirred debates among ex-Facebook friends and generated a lot of memes spread throughout social media platforms. While we have our own opinions on his plans for the country, we can’t just keep on arguing with each other. It’s time to face the potential of a future with him reigning over all of us. If it turns out that he’s our next president, then we should have options too.

Take this quiz to find out how long you would survive under a Duterte presidency.

Art by Maine Manalansan
#gender #infographic #politics

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