This laid-back clothing line was designed for the lazy and stylish

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Are you the kind of person that dreads getting dressed in the morning? Picking a top and pants that match? Who can be bothered at this hour?  

As much as we wanna look as put-together as our Instagram style pegs, the reality is that a lazy person like me would rather spend that extra time getting some more shut eye.


Last July 14, they officially launched Women by Straightforward, a separate clothing line for women.


Founded in 2011, Straightforward Clothing’s made a name for itself through men’s clothes that promised a straightforward approach to dressing up. Think: chino shorts and slick polo shirts that look stylish enough on their own — perfect for those lazy mornings when you don’t wanna lose brain cells thinking of what to wear.  

The Women by Straightforward line is made with environmentally friendly materials, like Lux Linen Blend, Tropical Wool, and Stretch Cotton.

Last July 14, they officially launched Women by Straightforward, a separate clothing line for women. According to head designer Viel Aznar, the line’s first collection is inspired by everyday fashion choices of real women. It features “timeless, classic pieces that reflect the beauty and simplicity of the Filipino lifestyle while using specialized and quality fabric.” Each piece in the collection may look simple, but that’s only because it’s designed to be worn in different ways.

Over email,  we spoke to Viel about sustainability, the design process, and the reason they emphasize their fabric choices.

YOUNG STAR: We looked through your website and noticed that you already have women’s clothing in your current catalog. What made you decide to create a separate line for women?

Viel: Straightforward is more commonly known for its men’s clothing, so we decided to completely reimagine our women’s pieces into a cohesive collection now known as Woman by Straightforward. It is our way to emphasize, to women specifically, what our brand stands for: making everyday fashion choices easy and simple for her.

We know and understand the challenges of dressing up to look and feel good before the start the of the day; Woman by Straightforward is here to help make those everyday choices easier with affordable and quality pieces that last beyond the trends of a season.

Smart casual: The Classic Stretch Tee Dress is made of span weave cotton, a stretchy breathable fabric with matte surface.

Can you explain how Straightforward is working towards creating sustainable fashion? And why do you think it’s important for buyers to know what kinds of fabric were used for the clothes?  

Viel: All of our pieces are proudly made in the Philippines. Because of this, we’ve worked closely with our local partners to ensure that fair wages are paid to the workers. We are also very excited to introduce our Straightforward Innovative Fabrics.

For us, it’s not enough that our customers think our clothing is stylish, comfortable or durable. We give them the privilege of knowing the fabric composition in details so that they know fully well what does into the clothes they wear! Not only will our pieces feel great on your skin, but they are also made of environmentally friendly materials, like our Lux Linen Blend, Tropical Wool and Stretch Cotton.

Day to night: Go from the office to a night out with the Twill Ankle Trousers made of durable twill weave for that classic look.
The Linen Square Neck Top is made of lux linen blend fabric that won’t crease.

What was the process of coming up with the designs for Women by Straightforward like?

Viel: We realized early on that in order to give women what they want and what they’re looking for, we needed to ask them ourselves. Our team conducted a survey of several women from our target market to find out more about what they look for when they shop. From there, we were able to establish our aesthetic of clean and classic silhouettes. So, you could say that our design process is very involved. It’s more than assuming what women want or just simply following the trend of the season, but actually finding out what pieces they look for and making them come to life.


Shop the Women by Straightforward collection here.

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