Snapchat vs. Instagram: The battle of the Stories

Apple recently launched the new iPhone7 and the iOS10. It looks cool and all, but we always view new updates — or new things in general — with a little bit of resistance. Whenever we get a new software update, we’re always hesitant to click that little “install” button because we never really know what we’re going to get. But when Instagram introduced its own version of Snapchat, everyone was intrigued. Instagram basically copied Snapchat’s interface, but with better font choices and a smoother pen tool. “The interface is ugly”; “It doesn’t load fast enough”; “There are no face filters” went the initial feedback. But now the Snapping — er, Instagramming — demographic is split. Some people explore Instagram’s features, while others stick to the real OG of Stories.

To settle the debate once and for all, we asked the Young STAR team to discuss their choice: #TeamSnapchat or #TeamInstagram. In the battle of story-sharing apps, only one will emerge the most worthy of our mobile data. — Maine Manalansan

Maine Manalansan, art director: Welcome to the big Snapchat vs. Instagram Story debate. To start, please state your name and team.

Marga Buenaventura, editor: Snap

Tin Sartorio, assistant editor: #TeamSnapchat

Ina Jacobe, online art director:  #TeamI’mOnlyOnBothSoICanSeeMyFriends’Stories

Gaby, online editorial assistant: #TeamSnapchat

Neal Corpus, editorial assistant: #TeamIGKasiConvenient

Maine: Team Snap, please make your case.

Marga: Privacy. Ease. Filters. I feel freer in Snapchat.

Tin: I’m #TeamSnapchat because I like the filters, memories and the strict time stamp. I can also filter my viewers.

Neal: You can also filter people on Instagram! There’s an option to hide it from certain followers.

Tin: It’s easier to miss the stories of people on IG ‘cause the order of appearance on your list isn’t based on time. It’s more on how much you interact with a person.

Marga: I just feel like on Snapchat I only let me true friends see the real me…

Ina: Yeah, this is true. I’m not ready to disappoint my Instagram followers. (Again, just joking.)

Gaby: And in Snapchat, you can send snaps directly to people.

Maine: Let’s think like an “online influencer” for a bit. Which is better? Snapchat or Instagram?

Ina: There are purists that think Instagram is for the curated stuff and then on Snapchat, you’re crazier. Developed behaviors in social media.

Marga: Instagram has always felt like putting up a better version of yourself versus Snap na parang the shitty side of you.

Maine: So would you say you see a lot of people do that now? Like they have different personae for each platform?

Ina: As an introvert, I’m very picky where I express myself online. My Instagram has the most number of followers I don’t know. Like I’m still the same but… filtered. Does this make sense?

Gaby: I feel like Instagram would be better for people who would want to reach a larger audience. I think that Snapchat generally has more users (in terms of stories) so we get to stalk more people. Haha! I feel like IG stories might work better for brands and publications so they don’t have to keep on switching.

Maine: I just feel like there’s resistance right now against IG Stories cause it’s still new. And our normal feed viewing got disturbed. That’s why people hate it.

Ina: I guess the culture Snapchat cultivated is really for our true selves because it disappears after.

Maine: So the branding for each app affects how we use it also?

Marga: Yes.

Maine: It’s like we have our use for each app. Before IG stories, our walwal and crazy selves go on Snapchat. And Instagram has a reputation for being the go-to app for curating images, getting followers, blah blah, blah. That whole Instagram-worthy culture. But then now that IG Stories is here, it’s hard to transfer our Snap selves to Instagram because we’ve established another “self” in our Instagram feeds. Do we fear being judged by our current viewers?

Marga: Not being judged. But more like, the spectatorship makes me less inclined to show the dumber side of me. Not because I don’t want to get judged, but it feels intimate?

Ina: Does being uncomfortable sharing our real selves to strangers immediately equate to fearing they’d judge us when they see our real selves?

Maine: Not really. This is another reason in itself. There are others who are uneasy to share on IG what they’ve been sharing on Snapchat because there might be a disconnect between their true selves and curated self.

Ina: The “curated” term brings so much negative meaning. It’s like it’s wrong to be filtered.

Maine: I don’t know how else to put it. Because some people really edit and filter what they post on Instagram because they have to uphold a certain personal branding. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it.) So I guess they’d be more careful to post on their Instagram story since the same audience is viewing their content. I think it’s all a matter of transitioning properly?

Gaby: Even though I don’t use IG stories, I personally don’t want there to be a disconnect between my Snapchat self and Instagram self (based on my feed and not the stories) since it can get tiring to maintain. So I guess that’s why I’m not really scared of being judged? But I get that a lot of people like to keep their IG feeds cleaner.

Neal: I feel the same way.

Maine: Yeaaahhh. I agree. I think it’s simpler for us since we don’t get that pressure of staying “on brand.”

Neal: Honestly, it loads faster on my phone, that’s why I end up using it more.

Maine: Instagram??? NO WAY!

Marga: Really? It’s so laggy for me. I just close it because katamad.

Maine: But if ever it loads faster, with all its functionalities (better font, colors, etc.), would you try to get to know it?

Marga: I’m also old and I’m starting to be suspicious of new technology.

Maine: OKAY. Let’s say IG Stories introduces face filters, would you transfer? Or no?

Ina: No. I want Snapchat to sue them because lantaran na nilang ginaya.

Maine: How about user interface? Like the flow of it. Yung MEMORIES (which I think is kinda useless). And maybe the fact that we can all save the snaps one time, big time. Compared to IG na you have to do it one by one.

Neal: I would put geotags. It’s the only thing I miss from Snapchat.

Ina: Also for the stalkers, you can watch their stories (on Instagram) without the need to follow them! Kaso nga lang makikita pa din name mo.


Neal: Loltru.

Gaby: I second the screenshot thing!

Maine: Any final thoughts?

Ina: Vine was the best.

Neal: #TwitterParin.


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