MaArte, an annual fundraiser that showcases and promotes Filipino craft and artisanship

MaArte, an annual fundraiser that showcases and promotes Filipino craft and artisanship, is entering its eighth year and, it turns out, it’s not just for titas.

The fair, which is being held at the Rockwell Penthouse from Aug. 26-28, was organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines and aims to raise funding support for the National Museum and to make “export” quality products made by Filipino craftsmen more accessible to the average consumer — including the youth. “Our challenge is to ‘Evolve the Filipino Craftsman,’” explained Maritess Pineda, president of the Museum Foundation. “Over the past years Rockwell has been our home, we have attracted a wider market of individuals who appreciate the indigenous work of the Filipino, for the modern lifestyle.”

Some of the brands featured in MaArte’s lineup have set their sights on the younger generation as their target market.

Getting crafty: The MaArte fair features products made using traditional Filipino practices.

Beyond Borders, which utilizes a weaving style from Ilocos called “Inabel,” wants to raise awareness for the dying craft by using it to create items more relevant to a younger market, such as cocktail napkins and blankets. By rebranding Inabel in a way that makes it and its products more appealing to a wider demographic, they hope to keep the weaving style alive as well as to become a good source of livelihood for the women who are leaving the loom for other jobs.

ANTHILL, which is short for Alternative Nest and trading/Training Hub for Indigenous Little Livelihood Seekers, is a fabric gallery that promotes hand woven fabrics to younger generations. Working closely with the Abra Weaving Community, they find contemporary ways to make the fabrics and products wearable in mainstream everyday fashion, such as by turning them into cute handkerchief skirts with unique patterns.

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