This homegrown brand makes bracelets and clocks from old bike parts

Are you all about that zero waste life this year? In line with the goal to use more eco-friendly products to generate less waste, it’s about time that we start thinking of ways to reuse and recycle old products.

Kayumanggear is a local brand that does just that. Though it started out selling handmade portable hammocks (in Filipino: duyan), the brand also makes products using materials that are normally discarded and end up in junk shops and scrap yards.

Kayumanggear founder Joy Abutan made his first duyan after he found the ones available in the market too expensive.

Like with most innovations, founders Joy Abutan and Sasha Garcia got into the business quite accidentally. It helps that the pair are used to camping out and enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors — they both still regularly go out on climbs and hikes.

Kayumanggear’s current bestseller is still the ever-durable duyan, which features a portable design made of fabric that they get from textile stores and YKK zippers, but they also make metal bracelets out of bike spokes and clocks from bike gears that they get from bike shops and scrapyards. All of the materials are chosen based on durability and sustainability, and each product is handmade by Joy and Sasha.

Brace yourselves: These bracelets are made from discarded bicycle spokes.

As a mountaineer, Joy made the first Kayumanggear duyan out of necessity after seeing that most of the ones available in stores were so expensive. He designed and sewed the duyan himself and brought it with him during one of his treks. One of his companions asked him where he got it, and he ended up making another one for that companion, which eventually led to them starting the business.

Right now, they are in the process of developing other products that are also as practical, including bags and succulent pots made out of old tires and belts with hidden money compartments.

Order Kayumanggear products online through Facebook or Instagram. Some products are also available at the Hello MNL Store at 864 Moret St., Manila.  

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