Get weird: Hoodwink channels ‘Stranger Things’ for its third anniversary

Three things make for a good Halloween party: a pop-culture ridden theme that’s easy enough to translate into costumes, sing-along tunes, and a store inside a mall to have it in. Last week’s Hoodwink Halloween party at SM Aura Premier had all three and then some.

The Hoodwink store was turned upside-down and transformed into the world of Netflix series Stranger Things. It was tricked out with treats for Stranger Winks Chapter Three: The Vanishing of the Fuccboi, their anniversary party. And yup, it was better than your wildest Winona Ryder dreams. The bash was complete with the necessities: guests entered the party through a half-covered hole into the upside-down, got vibes from Will Byers through the iconic alphabet wall (although nothing compares to the guy who actually dressed up as the alphabet wall), and of course, feasted their eyes on Eggo stickers a la Eleven.

But what’s a party without a danceathon? Before the party, Hoodwink held a contest for the best Stranger Things-themed playlist. The best ones were played at the party and the winners got to take home some sweet merchandise. Of course, said playlists were replete with enough ’80s bangers to put your favorite throwback radio program to shame.

Photos courtesy of Hoodwink

And then there were the costumes. There are only so much characters to choose from Stranger Things, but that didn’t stop anyone. From our count, there were nine partygoers dressed as Eleven, in differing variations: there was an Eleven with the wig, Eleven with a bloody nose and hospital gown, Eleven in that water tank suit, Eleven with the dress and denim jacket at the grocery store, and the list goes on — clearly Eleven is the next fashion icon. Also in attendance were a collection of Barbs, a couple of jazzercisers, and of course, the standard costume: a random ’80s person.

It was a night of creepers and jeepers, and the occasional, “I’m drunk in a mall!” Third time’s always the charm, and Hoodwink definitely delivered on tricking out Halloween inside, outside, over and out. Spook y’all again next year.


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