Get your hands on these exclusive tees from OLX and Team Manila

Photos by Cenon Norial III

Remember back in high school when everyone had their own customized batch shirts or Pinoy Pride shirts? Oh, the good old days. You’ve got to admit; at one point you’ve judged someone based on the way they dressed. There’s something about statement shirts that just make things a whole lot easier. You get an idea on who they are and what they’re interested in through their outfit. And the folks from OLX and Team Manila are definitely in on the program.

Team Manila’s creative director Jowee Alviar and OLX’s marketing head Jean Magboo

Online buy and sell platform OLX and graphic design studio Team Manila collaborated on something we’ve all been waiting for. They’ve created shirts to represent the top communities of OLX: Pet Lovers Society, Beetle Collectors Club, Sneakerhead Community and the Filipino Gaming community. As for the rest, they have new designs coming our way soon. They’re already brainstorming for new designs for other communities such as music, art, and photography.

Since we’re all about cool collabs, we sat down with Jowee Alviar, creative director of Team Manila; and Jean Magboo, Marketing Head of OLX to give us the 411 behind this seamless partnership.

Pet society: Now, you can show some extra lovin’ to your doggos.

Were you surprised to discover many subcultures existing in the OLX community?

Jean Magboo: Initially, we were just a buy and sell website, but it became more than that. Because we encourage meetups between buyers and sellers — since it is much safer that way — these OLX users are able to meet people with common interests. It’s interesting because you’re able to discover people with the same passions as you through a buy and sell platform. It forms a community. It’s not all about purchasing portion, but it’s also about the people behind these transactions. The subcultures we chose are not necessarily the biggest, but they are the most active.

Blues clues: Get first dibs on this shirt at Team Manila Stores in SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta 3, Trinoma, and SM North EDSA.
Touch your toes: OLX houses many ads for hard-to-find footwear in Manila.

Why did you choose to partner with Team Manila?

Jean: Team Manila has the same brand values as OLX. They’re local and aspirational just like the OLX brand. We approached them because we were impressed by their past collaborations. Luckily, Jowee (Alviar) is an avid OLX user so he welcomed the idea of this collaboration. OLX is still very local; we cater to Filipinos. Our company is run by young Filipino millennials so we feel like we really share the same values as Team Manila.

Any tips on collaboration?

Jowee Alviar:  You have to be organic, natural. ‘Wag mong pipilitin to collaborate just for the sake of collaboration. You have to have things in common; differences are welcome to make it more interesting, but don’t force it. If it’s not natural people will see that it’s inauthentic. Good thing about this is that there was something in common for both brands. We’re glad we got to make something for OLX’s young community.

Forget Paul and John; this Beetle is our favorite.

What’s your favorite shirt in the collection?

Jean:  I like the sneakerhead one because I am one, and it’s grey. Grey is a likable color especially when you’ve come of age. (Laughs) Since we’re really happy with our partnership with Team Manila we’re planning on releasing a second batch. We’re looking at five more categories.

Jowee: Very sentimental sakin yung pet lovers shirt because my dog just passed away last year. Gusto ko rin yung sneakerhead, because it’s streetwear — very Team Manila. It’s hard to pick just one because you can be interested in so many things. They eventually cross over.

If you’re itching to wear your passion on your sleeves, you can cop these shirts at Team Manila stores in SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta 3, Trinoma and SM North EDSA. For more information on visit OLX and Team Manila’s website.

Photos by Cenon Norial
Hair and makeup by Slo Lopez
Styling by Jaime Abella
Model: Akiko Abad
Sittings by Marga Buenaventura, Maine Manalansan, and Coco Maceren

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