Funky fresh

Photos by Ralph Mendoza

ICYMI: Pantone 15-0343, also known as Greenery, is officially the color of 2017. For years now, the company’s choice has been more than just a design element. It is a statement and it often sets the themes in other industries such as of fashion, food, and architecture. While this yellow-green hue is often associated with nature, it could also touch on a lot of things: health, growth, hope and even beginnings. After everything that happened in 2016, it’s about time to leave the crazy behind and start anew. We can’t wait for what this year is going to bring us but for now, we’ll just feast our eyes on all things green.

(From left) Lush Igloo Body Soap, P295 per 100g; Bench Organics Bamboo & Green Tea Soap and Papaya & Seaweed Soap, P69 each.
Bench Paintbox Vegan Nail Polish, P59.
Coke Life, P58.
Careline Magic Lipstick in Swag, P75
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