Four places to check out on your next visit to Hong Kong

Everybody’s got a Hong Kong story — whether it be the destination of their first trip abroad, or even the first time they went out of the country with friends. For such a compact island, it’s brimming with so much life: from the shopping, the food, the nightlife, and did we mention the food?

While it’s certainly tempting to keep going back to old favorites, Hong Kong’s new tourism campaign “Best of All, It’s In Hong Kong” highlights the richness and diversity of experiences you can get from every visit. The campaign focuses on some of our favorite things to do in Hong Kong, highlighted through some of their most beloved locals — gourmet dining, fashion and entertainment, family adventures, and the great outdoors.

So for a city many of us know so well already, what else is there to see? During the campaign launch, we caught up with Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board, who shared with us her personal recommendations. We may think we know Hong Kong pretty well already, but we might just get to know it even better this time around.

Sheung Wan

“It’s right next to Central, and about five to ten minutes walking distance. There, you’ll find lots of street art, small shops… it’s sometimes like treasure-hunting when you walk along the streets. You also have very trendy, up-and-coming restaurants, plus the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. It’s somehow it’s a miniature story of Hong Kong. It’s part of history, but it has the modern side of Hong Kong.”

Dragon’s Back Trail

“What’s beyond shopping and dining in Hong Kong is that 70 percent of it is in green. The green that we enjoy is so easily accessible; you don’t need a flight or a long drive to get there. Just a train or taxi ride, and you’ll be there. The Dragon’s Back Trail is one of the top ten hiking trails in Hong Kong. It’s easily accessible, and it feels like you’re walking on the back of dragon. It overlooks the city, and it’s easy enough for beginners. Don’t worry!”


“Some of the local shops you can patronize is in the PMQ area, it’s around Sheung Wan/Central. You can find a lot of local designers there. Even if you don’t buy, you will enjoy the ambience. It’s really fascinating.”

Food trips anywhere

“We have a lot of Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, but we also have like what you see in the campaign, where you see three-star Michelin Chef Umberto Bombana with other chefs like Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Forés coming together to eat street food. Not everybody has to dress up for it. Some of the best street food is in Sham Shui Po in Kowloon, Mongkok, even some in Sheung Wan.”


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