Five romantic films we love to hate-watch

Fifty Shades Darker is out this week. Though we lost count of how many times we rolled our eyes in the two minutes of the trailer, we’re not going to deny that we’re probably still going to watch it for kicks.

The art of hate-watching is something that you learn to master over years of sitting through movie trailer after movie trailer in the theaters. It might seem unfair to make judgements based on a little taste of the whole product, but hate-watching is really a combination of brainless fun and critical thinking. Most of the time, we do it because we’re curious about how a movie plays out — nothing wrong with wanting check out how these things happen, right? Other times, it’s because we’re bored or because we need a break from reality.  

If you need something to distract you on Feb. 14, don’t worry, we gotchu. Get the gals together for a Galentine’s day hate-watch marathon filled with kilig and brainless fun. Here are five movies that you’ll love to hate.

Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014)

In JaDine’s debut film adapted from the Wattpad novel of the same title, James Reid is Top (short for Timothy Odelle Pendleton) and Nadine Lustre is Sam (short for Miracle Samantha Perez). We’re not really sure what was going on half the time, so just know that it involves kidnappings, gang wars, arranged marriages, and a masquerade ball to finish it all off.

New Moon (2009)

Anything from the Twilight saga is definitely a hate-watch classic. For this list, it was a toss-up between this and Twilight, but we decided on the former because it marked the beginning of a rivalry that ended friendships and started alliances between teens all over the world. Get ready to fish your #TeamEdward and #TeamJacob shirts out of the bottom of your closets, fam.

Sosy Problems (2012)

A movie about a couple of sosy rich girls who want to save an exclusive club from being turned into a shopping mall. It’s like Clueless except so, so bad. Starring Solenn Heusaff and Heart Evangelista, take a shot every time a character says “like”. Watch if you and your barkada are in a sabaw mood.

Valentine’s Day (2010)

It’s like Love, Actually except not. Getting 18% on Rotten Tomatoes is no easy feat, after all. Starring Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, and Jessica Biel, and other stars; it’s one of those extra cheesy interconnected romance tales that you announce that you hate, but secretly get kilig of anyway.

Diary ng Panget: The Movie (2014)

We love JaDine, but there’s no denying that their first two movies as a love team weren’t all that great. In this one, James plays Cross, a rich bad boy type whose father hires a yaya to look after him (despite the fact that he’s in high school). The yaya happens to be Nadine’s character, Eya, who also happens to be conventionally ugly. Need more motivation to watch? Spoiler alert: There’s a scene where James is shirtless.


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