Five real-life nightmares before Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration; it’s the season where reunions happen almost every week, may they be with friends you haven’t heard from for years or with family that you haven’t seen. It’s that time of the year where you can be super generous and happy and no one will judge you for it.

Even with all the reunions, the gifts, and the festivities; embarrassing things can happen. Young STAR rounded up a few of our favorite musicians and bloggers about their holiday horror stories. The result is a collection of  anecdotes about secret Santa mishaps and embarrassing Christmas reunions. Let’s just say that we’re glad we’re not alone with all of this.

My grandfather used to host a lot of Christmas parties for immediate family and close friends. We’d number a little less than 50; it was always a fun intimate crowd. Now, since Lolo was more active with work, he thought of looking for new concepts to play with. He thought that it’d be fun if all our family’s gay friends came in drag and do a solo performance – ranging from ballads to song numbers.

I was just 15 years old. I had no idea that Lolo came up with this idea. So I was just quietly preparing for my performance. I was doing the guitar singer/songwriter thing back then so I was really focused. Come the night proper, I see this beautiful woman I’ve never met. She was talking to one of my aunts, with her back facing towards me. So 15-year-old me thought “woah, I’ve never seen this person”, and walked straight up to my aunt.I confidently asked who that woman was and I thought I was smooth as hell. The said woman turns around, laughing, and it was my gay ninong – who I love to bits by the way. I messed up big time, and it has never been forgotten by my family up to this day.

Our company Christmas party at Sunnies Studios was a little different than expected. It became a drinking white elephant game. What was at stake were SSI GCs and Kiehl’s products so I really wanted to win score some good gifts. The rule was if you wanted to steal someone else’s gift, you’d need to take a shot. Then if you want to defend your gift, you’d have to take another shot and so on and so forth! I was trying to steal a 5K SSI GC from my co-worker so I really went for it even if I don’t really drink. I tried to counter the alcohol by drinking so much water so I could pee it out! Haha! By the end of the night, we were all so out of it already! I didn’t win the 5k GC, but it was the best white elephant ever!

My friends know me pretty well so I’ve never received anything I don’t like. However, I did have a pretty awkward experience in high school. Our adviser told us to make lists of exactly what we wanted from our secret Santa and so I did. I wanted all these specific shades of nail polish (I was a late bloomer and  I never really appreciated nail polish until one day I was obsessed) from a specific store. I later on found out that our teacher had given us that assignment because she was my secret Santa! I went to a coed school so the moment our teacher stood up to give me my present all the boys started getting rowdy and teasing ‘Uyyyyy!!! Sweet naman!!!!!!!!’ I really got so shy that I started to blush! Our adviser didn’t really get the shades right or get the polish from the store that I wanted, but it was very sweet of her to try!

Jess Connelly, singer/artist

Honestly, I am the worst at gift giving and showed up to a Christmas party with no Secret Santa present at all. Guess what? I got gifted a coffee machine. To make me feel even worse, I somehow won a game., tThe gift up for grabs (that everyone wanted) which was a Samsung tablet. I felt so guilty that I gave the tablet up to the person came in second. I now know I have great luck (hehe) and to come prepared to a Christmas party next time and be a better secret Santa.

Pia Padre, lifestyle blogger/model

This isn’t much of a horror story, but it probably is for someone who’s in a relationship. I was out shopping for Christmas gifts and part of my list was my boyfriend’s mom. She’s very intimidating, and since me and my boyfriend are still in the honeymoon phase, she’s also (I assume) still deciding whether or not I’m good for her son. Impressing her is really quite a challenge. I did a last-minute Christmas shopping; buying everything I could for friends and family. Just as I was about to head home — and feeling proud of myself — I remembered that I didn’t have a gift yet for his mom. This caused me to panic because, as I said, I wanted to impress her. I was overthinking every gift I’d pick up because I thought that she wouldn’t like it. I finally found this dress, and was so sure that his mom would love it so I bought it. Feeling confident and happy, I gave all my gifts to friends and family, including his, a day before Christmas Eve. The next day, my boyfriend texts me and says that his mom loved the gift except for one thing. I gave her a dress in my size. I was so embarrassed. In my rush and panic to buy a gift for her I got the wrong size – so much for impressing your boyfriend’s mom right?

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