Five Michelle Branch collabs we want to happen for her upcoming album

Michelle Branch announced that she’ll be back with a new album, and man, we’re excited. Known as the heartbreak queen to almost all 90s kids, her songs Everywhere, Goodbye to You, and All You Wanted had their fair share of repeats on breakup playlists and DIY mixed CDs. And let’s admit it, singing Breathe on the karaoke is still as satisfying as it was 13 years ago.

All we wanted: If Michelle Branch does collaborate with John Mayer and Carly Rae Jepsen, it will be another good year for music.

“Hopeless Romantics” is slated for release April 7th and is co-written by her current beau and The Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney. While Branch can create hits that can transcend generations, we’d like to see her team up with some of our current faves. Here are five artists that we’d love to see collaborate with Michelle Branch.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly, the underrated pop princess of this generation, writes about our emotions (pun intended) as if she knows exactly what’s in our brains, while Michelle is our heartbreak alternative rock queen whose hits have become anthems of our puppy love heartaches. Together, they can do a collab that will overshadow The Wreckers any day.

Avril Lavigne

Michelle and Avril were the ultimate guitar-playing #kweens back in the day. We all wanted to be them at one point, with their cool style and musical angst. With both Avril and Michelle releasing new albums this year, a collaboration — or maybe a world tour together — would be a ‘00s kid’s dream come true.

John Mayer

If Michelle Branch and John Mayer ever decide to create a song together, we think an acoustic and stripped down track would be perfect. With John’s raspy voice and Michelle’s sweet voice, they can create the new True (move over Ryan Cabrera) and make the best new harana song perfect for your next promposal.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been one of the most talked about artists today after the release of his new album “24k Magic.” He can make any song sexy, so imagine him and Michelle putting out a sexier and smoother version of Everywhere as a bonus track on her upcoming album. Pretty neat, right?

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

This may be an odd choice but we think this collaboration can produce a Grammy-award winning track. With Donald Glover’s rapping skills and Michelle’s ability to write relatable songs, they can create the next All I Have by JLo and LL Cool J, only way, way cooler.

All photos taken from Michelle Branch’s official Facebook page.


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