Five K-Beauty must-haves to get that dewy glow

Do you like Messi? trended globally on Twitter thanks to an episode of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo where where the titular character (played by Lee Sung-Kyung) asks this question to her crush. As much as you get lost in the kilig of the moment, you probably also notice Lee Sung-Kyung’s flawless and dewy-looking skin. Think about it: the characters in K-Dramas and your K-Pop faves all have great skin. And honestly, we want in on that too.

To achieve that fresh look all Koreans seem to be rocking, some of them follow (or at least try to do) a 10-step SoKo (South Korean) Skincare Routine. Inspired by the routine and Kim Bok Joo’s enviable skin, we listed down five of our favorite K-Beauty products that will help cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your skin to that youthful dewy look. Talk about some extra confidence and glowy skin points.


Banila Co. Clean It Zero balm

This award-winning cleansing balm is lightweight on the skin. It dissolves stubborn makeup without removing your skin’s natural oils. It has papaya extract that helps in exfoliating the skin, and acerola extract that’s rich in Vitamin C which aids in brightening your skin. Use this for when you feel like you’re in a Descendants of the Sun moment a.k.a. when you’re out in a camp, exposed to harsh surroundings. Who knows you might just bump into your own Captain Yoo Shi Jin.

23years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

This silky cocoon mask helps in the toning and quenching of dry skin. It’s formulated with a multi-silky protein to energize and awaken skin, making it look healthier. Enough staring at The Legend of the Blue Sea’s Shim Cheong. You’re no mermaid; you can’t have dewy skin all the time. But you can try to.

Purederm Soft and Mild Eye Makeup Remover pads

Purederm’s Eye and Makeup Remover pads are gentle and very moist on the skin. It leaves you with no oil-residue, and it’s non-stinging. Best part is that it’s small and perfect to bring when you travel. Be sure to pocket it whenever you head out on a date because like Goblin’s Kim Shin, you’ll never know what door he opens next for you. You’d want a fresh face every date you get.

CosRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

The overnight mask is made with pure and natural ingredients that soothes and nourishes your skin. It’s a 3-in-1 mask and can be used as an overnight mask, a wash off mask (after you cleanse and tone your face), and acts as a good facial cream as well. This way, you won’t risk getting a pimple after leaving a mask on overnight like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It’s a bang for your buck product that helps you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Body Buddy Real Cucumber Moisture Soothing Gel

Don’t just treat your face; give your whole body some extra lovin’ with this soothing gel from Body Buddy. It contains pure cucumber extract and Vitamin C which helps in skin’s elasticity. It makes our skin feel more relaxed and moisturized after a long stressful day. Perfect for anyone after a stressful day. Kim Bok Joo probably slathers this on after a long training day.


All products are available at Watsons Beauty sections nationwide.

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