Five of the best answers in the Miss Universe 2016 pageant

All of social media went on overdrive last Jan. 30 because of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. People were stressing out all over our newsfeeds every time host Steve Harvey would call for a commercial break (and the same joke over and over again).

As the coronation came closer, the harder the questions became. It was evident that the finalists were giving their all to get a spot in the final three. Miss Colombia (Andrea Tovar), Miss Haiti (Raquel Pelissier), and Miss France (Iris Mittenaere) bagged the coveted spots but in the end, Miss France reigned supreme.

While our own Maxine Medina didn’t make the cut, the pageant was still a good opportunity to see beauty, grace, confidence, and intelligence from all over the world. To celebrate the kweens in this year’s Miss Universe, we pulled together five of the best answers to help us be our own royalty.

Photo via Siera Bearchell’s official Twitter account.

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell on self-love

Our two body-positive #lifegoals Ashley Graham and Siera Bearchell were backstage after the announcement of the Final 13 contestants. Graham posed a question to Bearchell about body positivity to which she responds, “Focus on what love about yourself.” To hear such a statement coming from a Miss Universe contestant who’s been shamed for her weight is powerful and empowering. It allows for self-acceptance and self-love to prevail within others.

Photo via Raquel Pelissier’s official Instagram account

Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier on humanity

The contestants brought their best foot forward when it came to addressing current events. One of the answers that really stood out was that of Pelissier when she was asked about the Women’s March last Jan. 21. She replied, “One of the women I admire the most is Eleanor Roosevelt. She fought so much for human rights, and I feel that’s what we need in the world. We are one, we all need each other, and we need to respect each other.” Given all that is happening on a global scale, her response is an important reminder of how much we truly need each other. We need to be united during times of hardship.

Photo via Miss Universe

Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar on violence prevention

Tovar was asked about prevalence of violence in today’s society and what can be done about it. Coming from a country with a high crime rate she responds, “Although there are presidents who don’t get along well with others, we work together to be able to unite. Campaigns, respect and inclusivity to be able to have a social transformation that will educate our children.” She highlights that setting aside differences will always lead to a better society.

Photo via The Philippine STAR

Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere on never giving up

When most of us hit a bump on the road to our dreams, we easily get discouraged and decide to give up. However, Mittenaere thinks otherwise. In the final Q&A, she shares her own experience of failure. “I think that when you fail, you have to be elevated, you have to try again and keep going. If tonight, I’m not one of the winners, I will still have the great honor of being one of the three finalists. I think that I have failed before, but I think this is a great first opportunity,” she says. Not once did she think of it as a defeat. She used failure as her fuel, and that is something anyone can admire.

Photo via Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on Miss Universe

It was an emotional moment to see Wurtzbach take her first and final walk as Miss Universe, but she still managed to do it with joy and grace. In a red carpet interview last Sunday, Wurtzbach thanked her family, friends and fans for all their support. She also gave advice to the next Miss Universe saying, “Fasten your seat belt. At the end of your reign, you will have grown in confidence, maturity, and faith.” Her message was short and concise, kind of like an ate sharing wisdom to her little sister. Similar to the way we watched Pia fill in the shoes as our Miss Universe 2015, we cannot wait to see the same with Mittenaere. It’s time for the world to spread the love with the new reigning queen.

HEADER PHOTO via The Philippine STAR
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