This February, read two new books that revive the romance of love letters

Remember when love notes were a thing? Yeah, me neither. Not because I wasn’t alive before mobile phones existed, but because, well, no one has ever given me one. (Sad but true.)

Luckily, Livejournal was a thing back then. There was never a shortage of love letters written by strangers to their significant others. It was a great reminder that maybe I’m not alone when it comes to being alone.

To anyone else feeling a little lonesome, Summit Books released two new additions to our bookshelves this season of love. Candy #Feels is a compilation of stories from’s “You!” section, written by readers alike. A number of celebrities and personalities like Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Antoinette Jadaone, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, Regina Belmonte, BP Valenzuela and Young STAR’s own Toff de Venecia also shared stories of their own. Their tales are paired with collages and photos by artists like Shaira Luna, Warren Espejo and Jao San Pedro.

If you want a case of the #feels in small doses, check out In Case You Come Back. It includes a collection of poems written by former Candy magazine editor in chief Marla Miniano and musician Reese Lansangan. From quiet Sundays to heartbreak to yoga, the book is a perfect companion for your daily dose of light literature. The poems are accompanied by watercolor paintings of Jamie Catt.

Those who say February isn’t the only time when you can show your love have never been proven more right. With these books, you definitely have a lot of lovin’ to last you the whole year.

 Candy #Feels and In Case You Come Back are available in bookstores nationwide. 

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