Your dog might have a better taste in music than you

According to a recent study, dogs actually have their individual music preferences, just like humans. We’ve laughed at silly memes and videos of them rocking to our tunes, but as it turns out, they might actually like what they’re listening to. It was found that soft rock and reggae reduced canine stress levels.

For fellow “paw-rents,” if you were asked to rank your priorities in life your dog would most probably be at the top of that list. Love month is fast approaching (surprise, it’s February tomorrow), we’ve got to show some lovin’ — in this case puppy love — to our furry friends. Hey, this might be a bit extra but it’s our responsibility to keep them chill and calm, ya know? It’s about time that we return the favor to our BFFs. 

From doggae to rhythm and bark, here are three curated playlists for every occasion with your doggo.


Photo via Pinterest

Good Boy Rock

Photo via Bored Panda

Rhythm & Barks

Photo via Reddit


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