These cute af socks are just what your closet needs

We’re all familiar with the mental myopia that come with opening up your (brimming) closet and seeing absolutely nothing to wear. (Don’t lie, we’ve all been there.

And while the thought of changing up your entire look would be great, sometimes all you need is a good pick-me-up. The right accessories with the perfect details can be a helluva lot more refreshing than you’d expect. The perfect socks, for example, add a little more personality to an outfit that needs a bit of recharge.

As far as we’re concerned these cute socks, a collaboration between local artist Penelope Pop and sock business Knit Philippines, are just the thing. In a time where novelty socks are everywhere, great design is what truly stands out. The #KnitxPenelopepop socks feature designs with cute typography, kitschy retro by way of diskettes (points to those who still know what they are), and even footsies with cute tropic prints.

According to Winnie Wong, the brains behind Penelope Pop, it was important to know what was cool, and she looked no further than her high school graphic design and photography students. “Usually when I felt like I no longer knew what to do, I would ask my students what they think is cool,” says Winnie. “They’ll be pretty honest when it’s ‘old’!”

Best part is, these socks are available pretty much everywhere. A quick closet refresh by way of cute socks will be a lot easier than you’d think.

Check out the designs here:

Follow Penelope Pop and Knit Philippines on Instagram @penelopepopart and @knitphilippines for more info on store locations.


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