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Time to unleash your inner walking — err — running dead.

by Maine Manalansan

Belle de Jour’s planners are the perfect start to getting over that mess that is 2016.

by Neal Corpus

We get to know six of Manila’s top travel ‘grammers and ask them about their next big adventure and the Urbanize gear they’ll take with them.

by Neal Corpus

Here’s something you’d love to hear: Samsung’s compact and slick speaker system will make even the cheesiest Christmas songs sound like a real banger.

by Marga Buenaventura

Head straight to these spots if you want to take best shots of the new McDonald’s store in Tagaytay. You know what they say: you gotta do it for the ‘gram.

by Coco Maceren

We found a cafe that you’ll wish was in your neighborhood.

by Coco Maceren

A dude gets his brows threaded for the first time and discovers a whole new world.

by Neal Corpus

Makeup isn’t a purely female pursuit anymore. Glitter, sparkle, and gloss — when it comes to a full-faced #lewk, boys can have fun, too.

by Tin Sartorio

Your go-to pasalubong just got better. The newly re-opened flagship store in BGC reminds us that there’s a #KrispyKremeMoment for everyone.

by Tin Sartorio

Give your feet some love on Christmas day with Tretorn’s new and improved Nylite sneakers.

by Maine Manalansan

Hand-made and cruelty-free, Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest is here to please the senses.

by Isabelle Toledo

Poke bowls are finally hula dancing their way to Manila.

by Ina Jacobe

Since it’s our 20th birthday bagets bash, put on your #sundaybest and blow all the kids outta the water. Throw it back to the ’70s in velvet or go child-friendly ’90s in light-up shoes — keep it jej, make it classy, just make sure there’s no half-assed measures.

When you think of Philippine fashion, what usually comes to mind is a variety of gowns: for weddings, debuts, and for the Star Magic Ball. But while there is little difference in talent, fashion industries abroad are much larger because of one crucial ingredient: ready-to-wear.

Don’t get me wrong. There are RTW designers here — some pretty good ones, I might add. But there are just not a lot that you see regular people wear. Online retailer Miz+Moxie aims to change that. Online shopping isn’t new, even for Manila, but what differentiates this label is a desire to put young, local fashion into daily wardrobe rotation. It’s pretty accessible, too, logistics and price-wise. What’s most exciting about it is that they’re doing collaborations with new designers to bring something different with a local flavor.

With the traffic only getting worse and the Christmas shopping season approaching, it’s only smart to save on gas and effort and get some new digs with just a few clicks. Hit two birds with one stone and #supportlocal while you’re at it.

Shop at and find them on Instagram at @mizandmoxie.

Produced by NEAL P. CORPUS
Assisted by TIN SARTORIO

by Neal Corpus

If you’re itching to get patchy with the extra personality, save yourself the trip to Divisoria and cozy up to these patch-makers instead.

by Neal Corpus

Remember when you were younger and indifferent to fashion and shopping in general? You’d go with your mom and tita to the mall, not knowing that you were in for a shopping spree. And no, it wasn’t for you. It was for their other friends from the aerobics class (Zumba wasn’t a thing yet then) at the barangay center.

I don’t know about you, but I’d complain all the way from the appliance center to the toy section when I didn’t feel like walking anymore. The holiday cheer might be in the air but some kids can’t be bothered to walk. I’d always wonder why my mom and tita were okay with walking for what seemed to be two hours without stopping. It must be their magical pair of slippers.

While they may not have been Dorothy’s ruby red slippers (I wished they were, though, just so we could go home), they were still sparkly and stylish. They had had black gems as big as the jawbreakers I used to get and a wider strap, too. I was so curious about these shoes that I ended up getting my own pair in college. And suddenly, everything made sense.

FitFlops has been serving up some comfortable footwear for nine years now. Their signature Toe-Thong sandals are what you usually see in the malls donned by your typical titas of Manila. But they have a wider selection, ranging from boots to clogs to sneakers. They even have a few awesome collabs in play to up your shoe game.

This holiday season, they locally released a new line in partnership with famed fashion designer Anna Sui. She brought her summer patterns from the runway to FitFlops’ Superballerinas for a super-cute and comfortable collection. There are even leather options for those who are looking for an edgier look.

You’ll never have to worry about your feet hurting because this collection also has the same technology as their classic lines. It’s cushioned and equipped with their SupercomFF midsole technology that helps diffuse pressure from your soles, therefore ensuring uninterrupted Christmas shopping.

FitFlop Lattice, Printed and Ballerina Anna Sui Collections are available in select FitFlop stores: SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 3, SM Megamall, Ayala TriNoma, SM North Edsa-Annex, SM Cebu, Shangri-La Plaza, Abreeza Davao. For more information about FitFlop, visit

by Maine Manalansan

Remember making a caricature of your favorite teacher to bully in high school? How about drawing a heart between your name and of that cute boy in class? Etching exam codigos that only you and your friends could decipher? It often got us into trouble but some of the best moments in high school were immortalized on the infamous wooden armchairs. Generations come and go but the basic experiences we go through kind of remain the same. And it doesn’t take much more than words and drawings to remind us of the good, the bad and the ugly times. This is the backbone behind merchandise brand Linya-Linya, which combines wordplay and illustrations to reflect everyone’s adulting feels.

In a time of hugot jokes and memes, the brand seems to fit right in. But for writer Ali Sangalang and visual artist Panch Alvarez — the geniuses behind Linya-Linya — it’s more than just a game of likes and retweets. When the woes of adulting became too much, the two went back to their schoolboy roots of doodles and witty one-liners. Their creative outlet, which started out on sheets of lined paper, eventually turned into shareable memes and an extended merchandise line. In 2015, musician and marketing guy Jim Bacarro joined in the fun and Linya-Linya expanded enough to open actual stores. From then on there was a mission: they didn’t just want to be viral anymore; they wanted to be a smart, striving business as well.

All jokes aside, what makes Linya-Linya successful is that it creatively immortalizes the little moments that every young adult can identify with. And it does so in the most Filipino way possible — with a dose of honesty, tasteful humor and just the right amount of irony. As thousands share and wear these statements (literally) on their sleeves, the message becomes clear: you can take the adult out of the fun but you can’t take the fun out of the adult. And for funtrepreneurs Ali, Panch and Jim of Linya-Linya, this is something that needs to be taken seriously. — Tin Sartorio

Visit for more information.

by Tin Sartorio

Every T-shirt has a story. Whether it’s that one precious tee from the merch counter of your favorite band’s tour, a cheesy couple shirt, or maybe that one unwanted pullover from your parents that maybe would’ve been cool if you were in grade school. But now that you’re old enough to dress yourself, it’s probably a good time to let your clothes tell your story.

Statement shirts have been around for quite a while. Designer Katherine Hamnett popularized the style in the ‘80s by printing messages on cotton tees that commented on the current political and social climate, giving birth to the statement shirt we know today.

But times change. Today, these shirts are more than just the words emblazoned on them. As #millennial and Internet Age as it sounds, something like a logo tee can be a statement in itself: looking to the future, recognizing roots, subversion, celebrating youth.

Statement tees have always been about saying something, but they don’t always have to shout — they can be cool and quiet, too. It can be as subtle as a single word, a year, a logo. It doesn’t have to take a big declaration or wearing your heart on your sleeve to let people know who you are — sometimes all it takes is a shirt.

Photographed by CRU CAMARA
Styled by NEAL P. CORPUS

by Neal Corpus

Team cozy: Light and easy on the feet, Native shoes are your perfect companion for your dose of early holiday shopping.

Just because we live in a tropical country doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of the changing seasons. One the best things about September is the updated wardrobe. We might not be able to ditch our summer clothes completely — hot weather and all — but there’s no reason for us to introduce new pieces to our collection. A new watch, perhaps? Or maybe introduce warmer colors in your outfit as the “Ber” months progress? Some new kicks to help you get started in your holiday shopping?

Native, a local shoe brand, has been on the market for about seven years but they’re still keeping it classic in the sole department. They’re known for their sleek and minimal sneakers that are perfect for school commutes and long walks at the mall. Their all-new Monaco collection includes low- and mid-top designs, which makes it easier for us to match it with any outfit. The shoes come in shades of Rocky Brown, Regatta Blue, and Jiffy Black and are perfect for your updated autumn wardrobe collection. As always, the Monaco collection has the latest EVA technology for a more comfortable and lighter walk. Your Christmas shopping will never be the same again.

Native’s Monaco collection is exclusively available at Res|Toe|Run stores.

by Maine Manalansan

The weather has been driving us crazier than our crushes lately — hot and cold, wet and dry, slick and rough.

by Margarita Buenaventura

The Young STAR productivity guide to being the girl boss that you truly are.

by Maine Manalansan

There is more to artist Nikki Luna’s collaboration with local clothing brand Human than meets the eye.

by Pam Musni

Over the course of my life I’ve noticed that for certain periods of time, I’ll cling to a certain word in order to make sense of things. From 2011 to 2012, it was “critical.” In 2013, it was “perpetuate.” Late 2014 until today, the word has been “trajectory,” which is defined as the pathway an object follows in relation to the forces influencing it. You throw a ball, and try to visualize in dotted lines the shape of the arch its movement creates. That is trajectory. Imagine a boardroom filled with businessmen, and on the screen in the boardroom is a PowerPoint slide with a line graph on it, the line vaguely resembling an uneven row of sharp teeth. This line is supposed to explain profits and losses. That is also trajectory.

Every new year, before resolutions are even considered, you first reevaluate your trajectory, the path and pattern left in the wake of your choices. I’ve used the word “trajectory” a lot because the intricacies of living somehow become easier to digest when distilled into an image like a line graph. The line climbs, dips and plateaus in correspondence to various events with variable degrees of internal and external impact.

But you look at the dips the most. You look at the dips because the general logic is that in those dips, in those crevices and sinkholes, you might be able to find a fundamental flaw in yourself that, once properly evaluated, might unlock the door to a new set of resolutions — ones that will be properly followed through with this year: This year for sure, I swear to God.

There’s a silliness to that sort of thinking, I guess. You plot out the year you just lived on a sheet of imaginary graph paper and come to conclusions that sound a lot like, “I need to get on the treadmill more” or “Save money!” or “I’ve made a terrible habit of keeping grudges.” 

It’s weird. It’s an imaginary line — a line that, to you, can somehow objectively measure achievement — that compels you to do something as trivial as implementing a fitness policy in your mental notes or as significant as recalibrating a comfortable belief system.

But you make resolutions anyway. You make resolutions because you want that line, the trajectory of your life, to look nice. You want the line to look like a sharp steep climb instead of the crooked beeping line on the screen of a heart rate monitor hooked to someone not-quite-well-but-not-quite-dying-either.

This isn’t to say that we do the things we do in pure service of a mental image. We make the decisions we make for various subjective reasons, whether they fall under the category of self-benefit, altruism, masochism, or whatever else falls between those things. But the mental image is still there, and we keep it there, because it’s one thing to evaluate a singular decision and another thing entirely to gather up all your choices into one long queue of dominoes and figure out how they collapse.

January is the comeback month.

I guess it’s for this reason that January seems lke an especially important month. This is your first chance of the year to push that line up, and if you do manage to push that line up, that kind of sets the tone for the rest of the year — you ride that momentum, and your trajectory (and if it hasn’t been made clear, you are the object in motion stubbornly believing that its choices are the primary governors of its fate) climbs, and climbs some more, to some vague peak that you’re not sure exists. But then again it’s better than not believing.

January is the comeback month. January is a red carpet lined with velvet ropes and flashing cameras. January is where you will demonstrate that, much to the chagrin of your haters, you are more than what they perceive you to be. You are on the way to getting fit, getting smart, getting stable, et cetera. (Personally, I’m going down that carpet to show my friends I didn’t get fat over the Christmas break; but I digress.)

The thing is, your life isn’t always made of sharp, steep climbs. Sometimes it’s made of little ascensions, tiny shifts you make every day that go unnoticed because you put all your focus on being fantastic. Sometimes the dips are where you find yourself. Don’t worry about not being fantastic. Don’t worry about the dips. Be thankful that the line exists. Be thankful that you can always come back to where you fell from. And be thankful that gravity doesn’t apply to your identity. Your trajectory has no ceiling.


With the latest chapter of the Star Wars saga finally in cinemas, it’s time to gear up with the latest apparel. Thankfully, we don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get our Force Awakens fix. Uniqlo has just dropped their latest Star Wars collection under their successful UT line. Featuring characters from Episode VII like Captain Phasma, the instant hit droid BB-8, and the newly designed Stormtroopers, any fan — young or old — of George Lucas’ franchise is sure to love these shirts. So make sure to get one, two, or even seven of these shirts as you get your force on.

The Star Wars UT collection is available in all major Uniqlo stores.

Model: Raphael Ang
Produced by Jonty Cruz

by Jonty Cruz

Spending holidays in the tropics isn’t all that bad. Just ignore the face-melting heat and it can actually be quite nice. We may not have the whitest Christmas, but at least we have all the other colors from our holidays that will make it to our Instagram feeds. Heading to the beach or hiking up a mountain? How about catching the sunset or spending the night under the stars? Whatever your plan is for this season, it sure is going to be a festive and colorful one.

 So for this year’s gift guide, we took inspiration from the sublime spectrum of the rainbow. While muted tones have been all the rage this year, we still can’t get enough of our vibrant ROYGBIV and our classic blacks, whites and browns. From shoes to sweaters, here are a few suggestions for your Christmas list. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty glad that we were good this year.

Printed sweater, P1,990 (H&M); phone case, P745 (The Diff); Andy Warhol petite journal set, P1,099 (Satchmi); Havaianas espadrilles, P1,995 (The CommonThread); Gouache holga camera bag small, P1,850 (The CommonThread)
Fjallraven Kanken, P4,895 (The CommonThread); Milk Collective PH pouch, P149 (Common Room); Chalk and Cloud diskette coaster, P120 (Common Room); Sandy West jumper, P1,599 (Neon Island)
Gold candle, P599 (H&M); gold box, custom (H&M); shirt, P390 (Uniqlo); Rifle Paper Co. notepad, P498 (Satchmi); sunglasses, P499 (Sunnies Studios); Banica lite backpack, P2,800 (The Lost Nomad)
Greenhouse Project troll plant, P410 (Common Room); Multo bag, P2,800 (Halo + Halo); turtleneck sweater, P2,290 (H&M); sandals, P1,450 (Renegade Folk); Loud Basstard bamboo speakers, P1,190 (The CommonThread)
Men’s polo, P2,290 (H&M); Havaianas Filipinas collection, 1195 (The CommonThread); Krafty Pirate purse, P350 (Common Room); phone case, P695 (The Diff)
Lagu beach towel, P999 (The CommonThread); Happy Socks, P649 (Satchmi); Bensimon sneakers, P2,395 (The CommonThread); Andy Warhol petite journal set, P1,099 (Satchmi)
Eyeglasses, P499 (Sunnies Studios); Star Wars fleece jacket, P1,490 (Uniqlo); Notorious pouch, P500 (Fly Art x Halo + Halo); silver Motorino, P7,799 (Satchmi)
Sandals, P1,780 (Renegade Folk); sunglasses, P399 (Sunnies Studios); travel journal, P680 (Sunday Paper Co.); pinhole camera, P6,699 (Satchmi)
Pillow, P498 (H&M); Milk Collective PH sticker set, P79 (Common Room); Shirt, P390 (Uniqlo); Happy Socks, P649 (Satchmi); Marshall headphone Major II, P4,650 (Satchmi)

by Maine Manalansan and Tin Sartorio

While you’d like to think of yourself as a gifting jedi — able to read minds and defy the laws of physics in this holiday traffic — the skill is basically useless when it comes to your best friend. She’s the coolest person you know, and you wanna give her a gift that represents every interesting aspect of her personality. Short of giving her a pony, nothing else will suffice. Well, almost nothing.

I’m sure we all have that friend, but shopping for their presents this Christmas need not be such a chore. You don’t even need to look further than Viviamo! Inc.’s new collection of planners, notebooks, and other stationery goodness. These are the folks behind the famous Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, which we all love getting for Christmas to feel a little put together in the coming year. In the grand tradition of BDJ planners, this 10th year edition features bills and cash flow tracker pages, a dream board, and over P40,000 worth of coupons. If your bestie prefers something fun sized, the Petit Planner is similar to the BDJ Power Planner at a smaller scale.

There are also other types of planners fit for any kind of girl-on-the-go — from the travel-obsessed to the multi-hyphenated achiever. The Navi Journal is perfect for tracking down travel bucket lists and noting down must-see cities in 2016. The Everything is Possible planner lets your best gal pal set and reach goals in the most organized way. The Focus Journal, made with a gorgeous minimalist Kraft cover, are peppered with reminders of what’s important to the mind and body. And to the uber-creative friend who’s brimming with ideas, the Inspiration Forget-Me-Not Journals would be perfect for moments of innovation, creativity and opportunity. And because no journal is complete without a bit of prettifying, there are also BDJ magnetic bookmarks and washi tape for some serious DIY. So fear not the Christmas spirit, because gifting your best friend with something cool this year has never been so fuss-free.

1) Inspiration Forget-Me-Not Journals, P240 each
2) Focus Journal, P450
3) BDJ Magnetic Bookmarks, P100/set of two
4) BDJ Washi Tapes, P100/2 pcs., P150/3 pcs.
5) Petit Planner, P320
6) Belle de Jour Power Planner, P598
7) Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal, P598
8) Everything is Possible Planner, P598

Even cooler is that Viviamo! Inc. and Young STAR are giving away these featured products for you and your best friend. All you have to do is post a photo of you and your best friend on Instagram, with the caption explaining why she’s the best. Tag @YoungStarPhils, @bdjbuzz, and your best friend to qualify for the contest. Winners will be announced at the end of the week, so get a-movin’.

For more information on Viviamo! Inc. products, visit or follow them on Twitter or Instagram @bdjbuzz.

by Marga Buenaventura

Two years, several high-profile write-ups (on Buzzfeed, Hypebeast, and MTV among others), and a handful of select international collaborations later (with French online retailer Rad and New York-based designer Betina Ocampo), Fly Art finally finds a cozy spot amidst the local retail landscape that it calls home.

The tipping point in Thread 365’s decision to bring Fly Art’s self-proclaimed “rap lyrics on paintings” to silk-screened life? Thank the modern-day equivalent of hearing your garage band’s song on the radio for the first time — landing a coveted shout-out in one of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts (accelerating Fly Art to just a degree away from their OG goal of seeing Beyoncé in one of their designs).

Starting this weekend, buttery soft tees simultaneously emblazoned with the works of West, Botticelli, Lamar, Friedrich and, obviously, Knowles-Carter, will be up for grabs at all Common Thread branches. Providing just enough chill to get you through that last pre-holiday stretch.

Makeup by Sari Campos, Make Up For Ever
Modeled by Mariah Jowett, Art Personas

Fly Art x Thread 365 will be available at all Common Thread stores starting Dec. 5.

Is This It? by Sam Potenciano

Swedish Patrik Franksson is the male face of Sunnies Studios — the only dude to grace the now-famous Sunnies ads, besides Georgina Wilson and supermodel-on-the-rise Kelsey Merritt. Modeling is more like a part-time job, though. Most of the time, he’s hitting the field hard as a professional football player.

On the other hand, Mikko Marcelo is a fixture in magazines like Garage and Chalk as a male model favorite. Thanks in part to his tattoos, the Enderun student already has a distinctive look — one that magazines and brands can’t seem to get enough of.

Meanwhile, Luis Hontiveros is an in-demand male model who’s been cultivating a pretty strong social media following all by himself. He’s already graced ads as far-ranging as Max’s and Onesimus.

Together with Gil Cuerva, Vince Vandorpe, Max Berardi and Luke Conde, the IM Agency models comprise the #nicebrosquad, a male model collective that claims to place brotherhood over competition.

We put the #nicebrosquad in equally nice shirts from Artwork’s Forever Danny, a limited-edition shirt line that aims to upgrade the school-friendly plain polo with bold graphic prints and statement illustrations. With products for both boys and girls, Forever Danny stands out from the cluttered retail space with a look and feel all its own — bold, silk-screened prints on good boy shirts you can wear to family dinners.

Artwork’s long been a college favorite for its quirky designs, unconventional point of view, and affordable price points. This time, the brand shows that it can do straight-laced and a bit more dressed up, too. Like the nice bros themselves, it’s the kind of shirt line you can bring home to Mom.

Patrik franksson, 20, @patrikfranksson

How did you get into modeling? 

A friend of mine was in IM agency and recommended me to them. I’d been told I should try modeling before but never took it as seriously as I have football. But then I thought I could give it a try when I have free time to meet new people and earn money.

When you’re not doing shoots, what are you usually doing?

Playing football, training, working out, hanging out with friends. Eating and sleeping a lot to recover. Just enjoying life.

What makes #nicebros nice?

Instead of having a rivalry among us models, we want all of us to succeed. We are actually friends who hang out outside of modeling and work. No one is bringing down the others; we try to lift each other up!

Michael Marcelo, 22, @mikkomarcelo

How did you get into modeling?

In a hole in the ground there lived Mikko Marcelo, and he wanted money…

When you’re not doing shoots, what are you usually doing?

I read Murakami, play Metal Gear, probably just sleeping or eating Hawaiian pizza and mojos with the babe.

What makes #nicebros nice?

Sh*t!! We are NOT nice! Hahaha!

Luis Hontiveros, 21, @luishontiverosonly7

How did you get into modeling?

I was discovered by a booker from IM Agency which I’m signed with now.

When you’re not doing shoots, what are you usually doing?

I work out, read, watch movies, and hang out with family and friends. And sleep of course — most important and fun thing to do!

What makes #nicebros nice?

We are all genuinely nice and we have this very unusual bond… You could say that we are happy go lucky, but we are just all about good vibes and fun, but still with that sense of maturity and responsibility in life. #nicebro

Forever Danny is available in selected Artwork stores nationwide: Glorietta 1; TriNoma; SM Manila; UP Town Center; Abreeza, Davao; Ayala Center Cebu; Harbor Point, Subic; Marquee, Pampanga; and SM City Cebu. Follow @artworktshirtson Instagram. Follow @nicebrosquad on Instagram.

by Raymond Ang

No one really thought much about the south until you encountered that one college blockmate who always went home early from the party. But more than the physical distance, what sets the south apart is its laidback environment. Think suburbs that look exactly how they are depicted in TV series and movies — only less

by Tin Sartorio

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. Since it’s the ber months, it’s much more reasonable for us to bust our sweaters out. We may not be as lucky as those experiencing the fall or autumn with their fancy trench coats and vent pumpkin spice lattes, but we do have a good amount of rain that will help us get our senti on (and probably occasional class cancellations.)

When enjoying precious down time, you can either take the relaxing route or the productive route. Whatever you choose, there’s a comfy pullover that will help you get your chill on. Whoever said that graphic tees are the only things that can make a statement clearly hasn’t found the perfect sweaters to express themselves.

You take advantage of a day off school to work on your creative projects. You spend countless hours hunched over your Moleskine, jotting down places you want to go, movies you want to watch and blog entries you want to write, all while looking cute. Because you just need to Snapchat or vlog what you’re doing, right?

Orange wind-proof hooded jacket, P1,990 (Uniqlo); green 3/4 top, P695 (Stradivarius); Grey mohair sweater, P3,490 (H&M)

When it comes to watching horror, you want to immerse yourself in the movie. Turn off the lights, pop in The Ring or Cabin in the Woods, get some snacks and put on your comfiest sweater. After all, you might be in your seat for a very long time.

Tara Takas Tayo sweater, P1,200 (TKS Co.); Think Twice sweater, P895 (Stradivarius); Eye sweater, P1,200 (Neon Island)

A day off school and work is the greatest thing a proud tita can wish for. It’s the best time to catch up some reading and have a custom spa day. You’re free to do anything under the sun, really. As long as it doesn’t involve staying up until the wee hours in the morning, you’ll love it because god knows you’re too “old” for that.

Pink ruffled sweater, P7500 (Salad Day); knitted sweater, P1,190 (H&M); Mickey Mouse sweater, P1,015 (Forever 21)

Have you ever been in love? Of course, you have. Like many great loves, yours might not have ended well. Good thing for you, the weather is on your side. Bust out your City and the Colour and Bon Iver records and wallow in your sadness. There’s nothing wrong with having a good cry once in awhile.

Navy blue cover jacket, P3,990 (Uniqlo); pizza sweater, P1,200 (Neon Island); NY/LA sweater, P1,015 (Forever 21)

Produced by Maine Manalansan and Tin Sartorio

by Maine Manalansan

Earth Kitchen’s second branch will make anyone feel like they’ve found themselves another home.

by Marga Buenaventura

Your after-school study session just got better. Single Origin is your new HOHOL haunt.

by Helene Enriquez

T-shirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobes, regardless of whether your #aesthetic is starving student or working creative.

T-shirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobes, regardless of whether your #aesthetic is starving student or working creative. While it’s great to go with the basics because of their versatility, it doesn’t hurt to add a pop of color and quirky prints to your wardrobe every once in a while.

SM Youth’s got lots of designs to choose from with this year’s Tee Festival, which is made more exciting since you can get as much as a P450 discount on regular-priced T-shirts. And if you feel like the design you want isn’t available, why not join their T-shirt design contest to get a chance to have your original design sold in all the SM stores? To enter, all you have to do is design a shirt, upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #TeeFestival.

For now, here are some of the season’s playful new designs modeled by SM Youth ambassadors LA Aguinaldo, Janna Tee, Tommy Esguerra and Richard Juan.

LA Aguinaldo, 22

“SM Youth is about belonging somewhere,” declares LA Aguinaldo, 2015 Asia Star Model and first SM Youth ambassador. The shoots that he gets to do for SM Youth are always fun, and he mentions that they are always great ways for him to bond, both with his co-ambassadors and the rest of the team. “I try to create an environment that the other models can feed off,” he mentions. “So sometimes the images you see on the billboards, the posters, of us having fun, they’re real. We’re really having fun. It’s the best feeling ever. You capture genuine moments, and they end up being posters or billboards.”

As someone who is constantly on the go, it is no surprise that LA’s go-to outfit consists of a black shirt, jeans, and a pair of Converse sneakers (which, according to him, suit any event or occasion). His style fits with his approach to youth, which you could say is partly the YOLO mentality. LA encourages people to live carefree and confident, and to “always live in the moment,” because “if you keep thinking about tomorrow, the moment’s just gonna slip away.”

Janna Tee, 25

Janna describes herself as a basic girl. But before you get to thinking about the other kind of basic, she’d like to clarify that she’s purely talking about her taste in clothes. Splitting her time between working for her family company and going to shoots, Janna’s go-to outfit is usually a plain white shirt and denim — whether it be skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans — simply because this ensemble is comfy.

Though she likes to think that age is just a number, she also stresses that there is also a certain level of responsibility that comes with it. Her advice? “Don’t do something you are going to regret looking back on, say, five years after, and your excuse is ‘Oh, I was so young.’ Sometimes what you do now will affect your life forever.”

Tommy Esguerra, 21

The first word you might think of after seeing Tommy (with his long locks and six-foot frame), probably isn’t “nerd” — which is, coincidentally, exactly how he describes himself. Even more surprisingly, the current Philippine Big Brother housemate and full-time model confesses that he isn’t even sure how to dress most of the time.

Tommy’s decision to pursue modeling came one summer while he was working to pay for college while at home in Los Angeles. Friends told him to try his luck in the Philippines, and he decided to go for it on a whim. Though he is currently preoccupied at the PBB House, one of his favorite pastimes would have to be playing League of Legends on his computer at home.

Lately, though, he’s also been really into reevaluating his life and finding out what his goals are. “I’ve been doing some soul-searching, I guess,” he says. When asked what his idea of youth is, he replies by saying that it’s all about perspective: “Youth is all in your head. Of course you can’t help with your physical body. Sometimes, people don’t just eat right, or injuries affect their youthful experiences, but overall, it’s all in your head. If you wanna perceive life to be fun and free and beautiful, then it will be.”

Richard Juan, 23

During Richard’s free time, he likes to self-study. “It sounds really boring, but I read accounting books. I read Time magazine, The Economist.” The University of the Philippines graduate confesses that he’s always been into business and investing, so reading through those materials helps him to “be a better person in the future.” Richard got his break after modeling for school organizations like the UP Junior Marketing Association. A friend took him to an agency and some castings, which led to fashion opportunities, which then eventually transitioned to TV — he is currently a PBB housemate with co-ambassador Tommy.

Citing his dad (who, at 50 years old, does Zumba and listens to Top 40 songs) as an example, Richard agrees with the SM Youth mantra that youth is a state of mind. For him, youth is all about “being young and responsible.” This translates to Richard’s style as well. He mentions that his fans, whom he fondly calls the “Hwanderers,” know that his style is very “simple and youthful,” usually as an outfit composed of a white top, a pair of white shoes, jeans, and a cap.

The SM Youth Tee Festival and all its promos run from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31. Visit or on Twitter and Instagram at @SM_Youth for more details on Tee Festival and the T-shirt design contest. Click on #TeeFestival for a visual treat of the month-long promo.

Sittings by RAYMOND ANG

by Gaby Gloria

When you wanna party on, it’s only right to arm yourself with the right eye gear — Sunnies Studios is here to help.

by Maine Manalansan

MANILA, Philippines – Forget that designer bag. The accessory of the season is something far cheaper and far, well, stickier. It’s all about stickers this year and for our second annual #YSProm, we commissioned young illustrator Ross Du to make sticker art for our invites.

Of course, we couldn’t resist stickering our faces off. And this week, we pre-game with four of our favorite social media finds.

SM Youth ambassador Tommy Esguerra has been a model for a few years now, his lanky frame and long, shampoo commercial-ready mane making him a favorite of tastemakers and someone to watch out for right from the get-go

Melissa Gatchalian knows something about taste-making. As a graphic designer at the buzzy Sunnies Studios, she’s part of the team that’s #slaying our lives one Instapost and EDSA billboard at a time. In her time off-though, she’s creating buzz for herself as design-savvy fashion blogger Sartorial Panda.

Gil Cuerva is still a student balancing life as a junior in De La Salle University and a thriving career as a fresh face on the modeling scene. He’s just getting started but we bet we’re going to hear a lot about him in the next few years.

Kimi Juan is a photographer who’s managed to build a loyal following based on breathtaking travel photos and a keen eye for beauty. Her next endeavor? Nomadic Goods Co., an online travel goods shop she started with her boyfriend.

* * *

The #YSProm Pajama Party will be held on July 18 at Green Sun, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati. To win invites to the party, follow @YoungStarPhils on Instagram and join our promo!

@gilcuerva_Model/Student White long sleeve tee (P619) from Sfera
On Gil: White long sleeve tee (P619) from Sfera. On Kimi: White tee (P289.75) from Bench Body; denim skirt (P1,785) from Forever 21.
On Melissa: Cropped tank top from Forever 21; denim shorts from Uniqlo; denim clutch (P565) from Forever 21.
Polo from Polo Ralph Lauren, stylist’s own; Denim skirt from ALAND
Tee from Sfera (P399), jeans from Uniqlo (P1,990); sneakers (P5,295) from Adidas
White tee (P289.75) from Bench Body; denim skirt (P1,785) from Forever 21
Cropped tank top (P285) from Forever 21; denim shorts from Uniqlo; denim clutch (P565) from Forever 21

Styled by Jaime Abella and Mika Reyes

Makeup by Czari Domingo

Hair by Sylvina Lopez

Models: Gil Cuerva of IM Agency, Kimi Juan, Melissa Gatchalian, Tommy Esguerra of Elite Manila

by MJ Benitez

The rainy days are fast approaching. With the change of season comes the change in wardrobe, productivity levels and sleeping schedules (“Is it even morning yet?”). Just because the grey clouds have taken over the skies, doesn’t mean that you have to fall into the pit of gloom as well. You see, it’s all in

by Maine Manansalan

We want to check in: how’s your New Year’s Resolution going? If you’re one of the many hopefuls who wanted to focus on going green and healthy, you must be having a hard time sticking to your diet this summer.

As much as we want to cool off with sweet, icy cold drinks, we still have to be good to our bodies. But who has the time to whip up a healthy meal in the kitchen in this weather? Unless you’re like Jamie Oliver who can cook a clean, healthy and Pinterest-worthy meal in less than 15 minutes, nobody really has the time and patience for that.

The food gods have answered our prayers in the form of new restaurant Sprout. They’re all about serving food that’s both fast and good for you, and this doesn’t just mean DIY salads. They also serve a variety of rice bowls like hoisin with beef barley and pulled pork with brown rice. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to eat while on the road, they also serve crab rolls, kale and roasted vegetable sandwiches and other wraps and sandwiches. Sprout also sells beverages like pressed juices, smoothies and energy shots that can give you a boost after a day of basking under the sun.

Perfect combination: Nobody can say no to this salted caramel choco brownie. It’s less that 100 calories!

Everything sounds good and yummy, but the best thing about Sprout is they make their food fresh daily. They prepare their dishes ahead of time so you can just pop in their store and grab whatever you want from their chiller. It’s that fast and that easy.

This time around, fast food doesn’t just mean greasy burgers and stale French fries. Sprout proves that fast food can be good and clean food, too. So there’s no more excuse to cheat on your resolutions.

Sprout is located at G/F Signa Designer Residences, Valero corner Rufino St., Makati City. Follow them on Instagram @SproutPH

by Maine Manalansan

Get right this weekend by showing off your national colors. The palette may be heavy on the primary, but that won’t stop you from looking like a stone cold subliminally patriotic fox.

White stripes: Top (P649) from Penshoppe; denim shorts (P2,990) from River Island
Blue valentine: Men’s polo (P1,990) and denim shorts (P2,990) from River Island; sandals (P1,749) from American Eagle Outfitters
Mellow yellow: Halter top (P1,290) and denim shorts (P2,990) from River Island
Red state: Vintage jacket; blue bra (P999) from Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters; paisley skirt (P1,199.50) from Shana
Photos by Ralph Mendoza
Styling by Sam Potenciano
Modeled by Lou Muñoz
Film processing by Picture City

by Sam Potenciano

In fashion, stars are made as quickly as they fade away. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. This year’s buzzy blogger could be next year’s inside joke. This season’s “muse of the moment” could be the next moment’s persona non grata. As Heidi Klum famously said, “One day you’re in, next day you’re out.” In an industry that lives off buzz, it takes real vision, talent, and work ethic to make that moment last.

Tina Ong and Esme Palaganas are two young fashion movers who look like they’re in for the long haul. Although only about a year into their budding fashion careers, they’ve made names for themselves through work that aims to go against the tide—in their own quiet ways.

Tina is, of course, better known as fashion blogger Religion Black. On last year’s Preview Best Dressed, she was praised for her androgynous style, a soft-hard, high-low look that—in black—lives in stark contrast to the more-is-more, technicolor style of the rest of the fashion bloggers. The likes of Georgina Wilson and Martine Cajucom call themselves fans.

Esme, meanwhile, is the force behind Basic Movement, a young brand that is quietly making a name for itself among the city’s style-savvy. A favorite of young stylists, the brand has appeared in numerous fashion editorials, everywhere from Preview to Benchmark, on the backs of beauties like Liza Soberano and Katarina Rodriguez.

The girls are coming together for a seven-piece collection that celebrates black in “all but practical silhouettes.” The Basic Movement x Religion Black capsule collection will be launched tonight at SOMA Stores in Green Sun. We talked to the dynamic duo before the launch and got a sneak peek into the event.

How did you first hear of each other?

Tina Ong: I read about Esme on the B/Blog because she was featured at the same time as my brother. I was reminded of her when I asked Thea (of The Girl + Bull and 12/10) where she got her dresses! Esme made all her dresses. That’s when I made the mental note that I had to get in touch with her.

Esme Palaganas: Her blog is different and it actually reminds me of how early/circa 2009 bloggers did their posts: organic, not forced. She just wants to document her style and share her views on fashion. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Why did you decide to collaborate?

Esme Palaganas: I wasn’t keen on creating a season collection for Basic Movement since I’m a bit behind the fashion calendar, so a suggestion from Willar and Martin [co-SOMA Store retailers] is that maybe I should do a capsule collection instead.

Tina Ong: It was a very casual question Esme asked me, and it’s been a very organic development since!

Esme Palaganas: When I met up with her, I casually dropped a question for a collab. And then for the following fittings, I made sure that the collab wasn’t a joke! So she sketched and I sketched, and we refined so many ideas into four looks… Her style and branding is very distinct. Her high-low, masculine-feminine way of mixing things is close to the Basic Movement identity, it just felt right that we make something together.

What do you think you can bring to the collab? What do you think your collaborator brings to the table?

Esme Palaganas: My style is more feminine than masculine, Tina’s is masculine chic. Tina brought in more of the menswear spirit in each piece… And of course Religion Black’s love for the non-color is obviously evident. We never got bored of black throughout the process.

Tina Ong: Esme brings out the girl in me! Haha. I think I bring the tailored/boyish aspects of the look as you would normally see in my personal blog, while Esme gives it balance and the signature Basic Movement touch which is the shirring, the pleats, the very awesome function that are pockets.

Who did you make this new line for?

Tina Ong: Esme will say that we made it for ourselves, which is true! But I think that people who like to dress in an androgynous way and support the idea of locally made designs will really appreciate this collection!

Esme Palaganas: I’ve read that great style starts in stores, not in your closet, this is a carefully curated collection for a woman who thinks and lives smartly.


The Basic Movement x Religion Black collection is available at SOMA Stores in Green Sun, 2285 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati. Follow @basicmovement on Instagram for more details.

Styled by Jed Gregorio
Modeled by Sofia Fajardo and Martin Tuanquin II
Make up and Hair by Celest Lavina
Assisted by Chio Gonzales and Chissai Bautista

As far as Valentines goes, no one wants to be accused of being part of that one couple that makes their mission statement to go balls to the wall Justin and Britney at the VMA’s matchy-matchy. Not that there’s anything wrong with being so in sync with your significant other that your personal styles start to overlap— but how about not letting that coagulate into one ridiculously saccharine hot mess? Take couple dressing down a notch with low-key his and hers pieces from local labels that are still totally sociably acceptable to wear in public.

Everyone else’s Instagram feed will thank you.


by Sam Potenciano

It’s about time to bring out the yin to balance your yang. You may be comfortable in that T-shirt and jeans combo, but it may be time to pay attention to the dynamo in you that’s in hibernation mode. It can be as simple as adding an oversized blazer or a crazy top to your closet. We don’t mean that you have to chuck out your five-year-old jeans and your ratty sneakers — all you need is a little bit of sparkle. You don’t have to look very far, either; it’s right there inside you, waiting to come out. So take a deep breath and go the opposite direction.

Oversized and tight-fitting: Blazer from Euniform, blouse and high-waist shorts from River Island
Reserved and bold: Tunic dress from Randolf Clothing, high-waist jeans from Topshop
Reserved and bold: jersey top from Randolf Clothing, denim jacket from Topshop
Festive and plain: Metallic shorts from Salad Day, button-down from Uniqlo
Styling by Ecks Abitona
Modeled by Kate Bautista of Prima Stella Mgmt
Make up by Nicole Ceballos
Special thanks to Trixie Orobia of Prima Stella Mgmt

by Ecks Abitona